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    Elections Office partnered with EasyVote Solutions For Campaign Finance Documents

    Tarrant County Elections Administrator, Stephen Vickers is pleased to announce Tarrant County Elections Office partnership with EasyVote Solutions.  With this partnership we are able to provide you with the ability to file required campaign finance documents electronically in Tarrant County.  EasyVote Solutions is an industry leader in election management software, providing software in eleven (11) states, including Texas.

    The new software system, Easy Campaign Finance, allows elected officials, candidates, and committee treasurers to quickly and efficiently submit their filings securely online, via a standard web browser.  Each candidate can complete, submit and update all required forms (Campaign Finance Reports, Appointment of Campaign treasurer, etc.).  Submissions are time-stamped and cataloged by the system, ensuring a complete audit trail.

    Easy Campaign Finance will help with automated communication and notifications.  The Elections office can easily and quickly communicate with candidates, directly or en masse.  Reporting deadlines and other regulatory initiated notifications are pushed to the appropriate campaign staff. 

    Additionally, with Easy Campaign Finance our office can quickly post submitted reports for public viewing.  The public interface provides access to current and archived reports for candidates.

    Candidates and officeholders filing semiannual reports due on July 17, 2017, will need to submit reports electronically by going to

    Task sheets are available in our office and will be email/mailed to officeholders currently on our file.   If you should need assistance you can contact our office at 817-831-6478.  For your convenience computers are also accessible in our office. 



    News release date: July 06, 2017