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    For many years property owners who have a Disabled Homestead Exemption or an Over-65 Homestead Exemption on their property have been able to pay their property taxes in four equal installments, with the first payment of of the total amount due to be paid on or before January 31, with the other three payments to be paid on or before March 31, May 31, and July 31.


    A change in the law now allows the first payment to be made on or before February 28 if the taxpayer has missed the January 31 payment deadline. This will allow the homeowner to keep the right to pay the balance in three more payments. However, a payment in February will incur a penalty and interest charge of 7%. The remaining three payments will not incur any penalty and interest if they are made on or before March 31, May 31, and July 31.

    Visit the Tarrant County Tax Office website at or call the Customer Service Center at 817.884.1100 if you need additional assistance, locations of our tax offices or more information.


    For more information,contact RON WRIGHT TARRANT COUNTY TAX OFFICE, at 817-884-1100


    News release date: February 05, 2014