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    Tarrant County residents need to be aware a scam seeking fraudulent over-the-phone payments for failing to appear for jury duty, said Tarrant County Jury Services Bailiff Paula G. Morales.


    The scam involves an individual calling a Tarrant County resident and telling him or her that there is a warrant out for the person's arrest for failing to appear for jury duty.  They are then given the option to pay their fine with a credit card to avoid being arrested.


    Morales said that if a warrant is actually issued for failing to appear for jury duty that a uniformed officer would personally serve the warrant. If an officer contacts you by phone, it would be to instruct you to immediately report to the jury room or to a court in order to avoid potential sanctions. No money is ever requested or collected over the phone for failure to report for jury duty. Additionally, any fines or sanctions would be assessed by the judge only after the person is brought before the court.


    If you have any questions about a call alleging that you have a warrant for failing to appear for jury duty, contact the Tarrant County Jury services at 817-884-3820.



    For more information, contact Paula G. Morales at 817-884-3821.

    News release date: February 28, 2014