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    What:  Eleventh Annual Recognition of Crime Victims Rights Week
    and Tree Dedication


    When:  10 a.m., THURSDAY, April 10


    Where: Tarrant County Resource Connection, Welcome Center, 1100 Circle Drive, Fort Worth


    Who: Judge Brent Carr, County Criminal Court #9
    Roy Charles Brooks, Tarrant County Commissioners for Pct. 1
    Lori Clarida, LMSW, Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services
    Judi Ketchum, Director Tarrant County Resource Connection
    Deb Baughman, Victim's Voice
    Jennifer Lacefield, Singer




    This is the 11th year that the Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services has dedicated or planted a tree in memory of Tarrant County crime victims.  The Coalition was formed in 1987 by service providers and law enforcement agencies who were concerned with crime victims and their families. 


    This year's theme-"30 Years:  Restoring the Balance of Justice -honors the extraordinary progress that has been made on behalf of millions of victims since the passage of the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) in 1984.


    Before this historic legislation was enacted, the world was very different for crime victims, their families, and communities.  Local service providers who could meet victims' needs for support, counseling, or shelter were few.  The criminal justice system too often failed to recognize victims' need to be included in the justice process.  Crime victim compensation programs were not consistently available and had no source of federal support.


    Thirty years is not an invitation to rest on three decades of progress - although much has been accomplished - but a reminder of the work still before us all to restore the balance of justice to all those harmed by crime

    For more information, contact Lori Clarida,Victim Assistance Coordinator of Tarrant County Sheriff's Office at 817-884-3697.

    News release date: April 09, 2014