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    Crime Victims Memorial Tree Dedication



      Tenth Annual Recognition of Crime Victims Rights Week and Tree Dedication


      10 a.m., THURSDAY, April 25


      Tarrant County College, Northwest Campus, courtyard of the WTLO Building



    Asst. Chief Leigh Dietrich, Tarrant County College Police Dept.

    Steve Townsend, Tarrant County Commissioners Office Pct. 4

    Lori Clarida, LMSW, Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services

    Darby Cichowski, Victim's Voice

    Jennifer Lacefield, Singer

    This is the 10th year that the Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services has dedicated or planted a tree in memory of Tarrant County crime victims.  The Coalition was formed in 1987 by service providers and law enforcement agencies who were concerned with crime victims and their families. 
    This year's theme-" New Challenges.  New Solutions". - reflects the increasingly complex mission of victim advocates today.  We face emerging challenges, such as globalization, changing demographics, immigration, human trafficking, terrorism, new types of crime and the use of technology both to commit and solve crimes.  We also confront enduring challenges.  Victims' rights are not universal and often not enforced.  Victims do not always receive the dignity and respect they deserve.  Victims often absorb the physical, emotional and financial costs of crime largely by themselves.

    For more information contact Lori Clarida, Victim Assistance Coordinator, Tarrant County Sheriff's Office at 817-884-3697.