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    The Medical Examiner's Office began Tarrant County's Breath Alcohol Program in 1994, in conjunction with two local police departments.  Today, the program has grown to include 18 testing locations and over 250 Certified Breath Test Operators.

    The program offers support at no cost to any law enforcement agency within Tarrant County.  This action has provided greater accessibility to an Intoxilyzer and has reduced the financial burden on small jurisdictions, otherwise unable to establish and maintain their own Breath Testing Program.

    Tarrant County's program is part of the statewide Breath Alcohol Testing Program, regulated by the Office of the Scientific Director, Texas Department of Public Safety. Locally, the program is managed by a Technical Supervisor who has received training on the instrument, understands the physiological effects that alcohol has on the body, and how alcohol affects the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The Technical Supervisor for Area 043, which includes most of Tarrant County, is Sarah Skiles. She is responsible for the scientific integrity of the program and provides expert testimony in criminal trials.

    Intoxilyzer 5000 equipment

    The Intoxilyzer 5000 is an instrument which permits a law enforcement officer to test a suspected drunk driver to determine the amount of alcohol present in that individual.

    Contact Information:


    Sarah Skiles
    Technical Supervisor, Area 043

    817-920-5700 x8374


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