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    What services can be offered to my child?

    Tarrant County Juvenile Services has a variety of resources available to assist you and your child. These resources include a range of consequences for juvenile offenders to balance public protection, offender accountability and rehabilitation. The department utilizes an array of community and home-based programs to assist youth, from prevention and early intervention to secure incarceration. The goal is to assist your child in successfully fulfilling obligations to the court and the community and to make the changes necessary to avoid another law violation. Every probation officer is a state-certified professional who receives ongoing education to provide effective and current services to youth under supervision.

    With your assistance, the probation officer will establish a case plan for your child. Successful case plans require commitment and communication. Therefore, it is important to meet and speak often with your child's probation officer concerning your child's progress as well as any problem areas.

    Probation is an opportunity for your child to take steps to correct previous behavioral difficulties. Occasionally, new offenses occur, which mandate reappearance in Court. Following this hearing, a more restrictive sanction may be imposed by the Court.