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    How do I get my child's juvenile record sealed?


    If your child is under the age of 18 and you wish to have your child's records sealed, the Juvenile Court requires that an attorney represent you.  If your child is 18 or older, he/she may file the application to seal files and records.  The requirements for sealing of files and records may be found in Section 58.003 of the Texas Family Code.


    Due to the complexity of sealing a record, we encourage you or your child to seek assistance from an attorney.


    The application to seal records must be filed with the District Clerk's Office at 2701 Kimbo Road, 817-838-4645.  Payment of a filing fee is required, and you must obtain a court hearing date.  The application must contain your child's full name, sex, race or ethnicity, date of birth, driver's license or identification card number, social security number, offense(s) for which he/she was referred to Juvenile Court, date of offense(s) and if a petition was filed against your child in Juvenile Court.  The number(s) assigned to each petition must be listed.


    The application has to be sent by certified mail to all the agencies involved with your child's case advising them of the court date and time.  At the hearing, an order to seal files and records will need to be presented to the court for approval.  The order must also contain the same information filed in your application as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety tracking numbers for each offense, (if applicable).


    Helpful resources to assist with sealing of juvenile record:

    • Tarrant County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Services - 817-336-4101
    • Tarrant County Law Library - 817-884-1481
    • Legal Aid of Northwest Texas - 817-336-3943


    Attorneys on the indigent defense appointment list authorized to receive juvenile appointments may be found on this website under "Departments" - Juvenile Services - Attorney Listing.