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    323rd District Court

    About the 323rd Family District Court

    The 323rd Family District Court hears Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency cases.

    Juvenile court hearings take place inside the courtroom and are formal proceedings. It is helpful to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled hearing time to be available to confer with your child’s attorney. Youth and adults appearing in Court should be dressed appropriately. Attire such as shorts and tank tops are not permitted.




    323rd District Court

    Scott D. Moore Juvenile Justice Center

    2701 Kimbo Road
    Fort Worth, TX  76111


    District Judge

    Timothy A. Menikos

    Bailiff: Ed Wiseman


    Associate Judge

    Ellen Smith

    Bailiff: Christopher Barney


    Associate Judge

    Kim Brown

    Bailiff: Keith Foster


    Associate Judge

    James Teel

    Bailiff: Joseph Garrett


    Court Reporter

    Kelly Pelletier


    Court Coordinator

    Daniel Bina

    Fax: 817-850-2380

    Assistant Court Coordinator

    Jo Anne Bennett

    817-838-4600 x0677

    Assistant Court Coordinator

    Elaine Langford

    817-838-4600 x0650

    Inclement weather policy:  The court follows the County policy for closing.  Please call to find out if your case will be heard.

    The Juvenile Courts

    Juvenile court proceedings are separated into two parts: the adjudication hearing and the disposition hearing.