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    (Must have a pending case in Justice Court Four)


    A subpoena commands the person to whom it is directed to do either or both of the following: (a) attend and give testimony at a deposition, hearing or trial; (b) produce and permit inspection and copying of designated documents or tangible things in the possession, custody or control of that person. A subpoena action is governed by The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 500.8.

    For information on Justice Court Rules, please visit Texas Judicial Branch Rules and Forms website.



    Application for Subpoena (three copies need to be submitted)



    File with Justice Court 1 and serve in Tarrant County

    • Fees
    • $75 Constable fee for each person being served
    • Cash tendering fee (exact change)
      • $10 for Subpoena Witness
      • $11 for Subpoena Duces Tecum



    Option 1: If filing via USPS mail, please submit application and/or payment (no personal check). Provide the Court with instructions to know whether you will pick up the subpoena or have the Court mail it to you.


    Option 2: If filing in person, please refer to Office Info for hours of operation.