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    Debt Claim Cases

    A debt claim case is a lawsuit brought to recover a debt by an assignee of a claim, a debt collector or collection agency, a financial institution, or a person or entity primarily engaged in the business of lending money at interest.

    The claim can be for no more than $10,000, excluding statutory interest and court costs but including attorney fees, if any. Debt claim cases in justice court are governed by Rules 500-507 and 508 of Part V of the Rules of Civil Procedure. To the extent of any conflict between Rule 508 and the rest of Part V, Rule 508 applies.

    To search the Justice Court Precinct for your case, please visit Tarrant County Comprehensive Address Information Directory.

    For information on Justice Court Rules, please visit Texas Judicial Branch Rules and Forms website.


    * Indicates three copies need to be submitted

    1. Case Information Sheet

    2. Debt Claim Petition*

    3. Military Affidavit (if applicable)



    1. File with Justice Court 3 and serve in Tarrant County

    • Fees
    • $46 filing fee
    • $75 Constable fee for each person being served

    2. File with Justice Court 3 and serve outside Tarrant County

    • The plaintiff is responsible for contacting the appropriate Constable, Sheriff or other agency to serve the citation, and payment of related service fees.