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    Effective September 1, 2013, jurors are reimbursed $6 for the first day of jury service and $40 per day thereafter for expenses. The Tarrant County Commissioners Court determines the amount paid for jury service based on the statute requirement. We issue your check upon dismissal. The top portion of your check provides verification of jury service for work or other purposes.

    You may donate all or part of your jury service reimbursement. Tarrant County Commissioners have sanctioned two charitable causes from which to choose. The first fund is the Tarrant County Children's Fund which provides special assistance to needy children here in Tarrant County. The second fund is the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Fund created by state law. If you wish to donate to either of these funds, the donation letter on the front side of the summons must be completed.  If your service is longer than you anticipate, you may change your mind about your donation at anytime during your service.  Please notify a jury services representative in the central jury room at or before the end of your jury service.