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    FAQ - Rent / Utilities / Mortgage

    Eviction Notice

    Electric Service Termination Notice - Past Due

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    NUMBER Question Answer
     1 Will you pay for all my rent or utilities? We pay for a portion of your rent or utilities.  Your landlord or utility company must agree to let you stay in your dwelling and not terminate utility services for the next 30 days before we can assist.
     2 I receive SSI, and it's just not enough to pay all my bills, since I have to take a lot of medications.  Will you help me with my electric bill? You may be eligible to receive assistance under the "special utility assistance program (SUAP)."
     3 My cousin and I are roommates.  We're each responsible for our part of the rent.  I just got laid off and won't be able to pay my share of the rent this month.  Can I get help? Relatives are always considered to be one household.  In order for you to get help, we would have to count your cousin's income and both of you would have to be eligible as a household.
     4 I rent from my uncle and I can't pay the rent this month because I got laid off.  Will you be able to assist me? Applicants who rent from family members are not eligible for assistance.
     5 My brother used to live with me, but he left a long time ago.  The electric bill is in his name. Can you assist me? All utilities must be in the name of an adult household member.
     6 The house we live in is under my parent's name, but we pay the mortgage.  Can we get help?

    The morgage or rent must be under the name of an adult household member.


     7 My utilities have been cut off.  Can you help me get them back on? We may be able to help if your utility bill does not exceed our assistance levels.
     8 I have a co-signer on my lease. Can you still help me? The co-signer is responsible for your rent.  
     9 My rent is due by the 3rd of the month.  After that, I have to pay late charges.  Last month, you helped me on the 15th.  The caseworker told me that I would not be eligible for assistance again until the 15th of next month.  That means I'll have to pay late charges again because you don't pay for late charges.  Why can't you help me on the first of the month? Our certification periods cover a 30-day period.  Since you were helped on the 15th of the month and assuming you are still eligible to receive assistance, you cannot be assisted again until the 15th of the following month.
    10 I was just laid off.  I'm caught up with this month's rent , but I will need help next month.  When can you help me? I don't want to get behind. If you meet all eligibility criteria, the earliest date we can assist is five days before your rent is due.