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    Small Area Fair Market Rents - SAFMR

    Tarrant County Housing Assistance (TCHAO) has been mandated to implement Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMR) -- effective April 1, 2018.  SAFMR are payment standards that use fair market rents calculated for zip codes within metropolitan areas.

    We encourage our participants to move to higher opportunity areas, providing a greater chance for a better life and to achieve self-sufficiency.

    Higher Opportunity areas may provide the following:

    • Lower poverty
    • Safer neighborhoods
    • Better health outcomes
    • Better educational, employment and income outcomes

    The new payment standard changes will not affect you until your next annual re-examination or if you move to a new unit.  However, if your payment standard is lowered as a result of the SAFMR during your annual re-examination, TCHAO has agreed to keep you at your current payment standard until your next re-examination.

    If you are planning to move when your lease is up and require assistance finding a unit in a higher opportunity area, TCHAO will offer mobility assistance information to you at the time of your briefing. 

    2018 TCHAO - SAFMR by Zip Codes

    Mobility Assistance Information