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    Report Housing Fraud/Abuse

    Do you know someone who . . .

    • Doesn't report their entire household income?
    • Doesn't report everyone living or not living in the household?
    • Rents or sublets their rent-assisted apartment or house?
    • Accepts or makes rental payments not approved by TCHAO?
    • Commits criminal activity while being assisted by TCHAO?
    • Pays or accepts bribes from their landlord?

    If you know that someone who is being assisted by TCHAO, a TCHAO landlord or anyone associated with TCHAO has committed fraud or abuse, you are encouraged to fill out the TCHAO Fraud/Abuse Report with complete detailed information.  You may fax this form back to 817-212-3052 or email the form to Rosalind Williams, Assistant Director at  All reporting is confidential, and no informaiton regarding the outcome of an investigation will be provided to those who make a report.