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    Outdoor Cooking

    Guidelines for Outdoor Cooking during a Burn Ban

    Many Tarrant County residents are rightfully concerned about how a burn ban affects their plans to cook outdoors.  The Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office urges all residents to use common sense when handling flammable materials during a burn ban.   Below are a few guidelines to follow for outdoor cooking:

    • Gas grills are the safest outdoor cooking option.  Please keep the flames covered during the operation of your gas grill.
    • If you want to use a charcoal or wood-burning grill, it must be placed on a concrete, gravel or dirt surface at least five (5) feet from any combustible materials.  Please keep the cover on the grill during use.
    • Smokers can be used if they are placed on a concrete, gravel, or dirt surface at least five feet from combustible materials.  Keep the flames covered during use.
    • Be sure to have a water source, i.e. a bucket of water or a garden hose, nearby in case of emergencies.   

    Should you have further questions regarding cooking outdoors during the burn ban, please contact the Tarrant County Fire Marshal’s Office at 817-838-4660 or email