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    Contact Information

    Tracy Pelle. AIA
    Assistant Director - Construction Services

    100 W. Weatherford Street, Room 350
    Fort Worth, Texas 76196





    The Construction Services Group provides construction services which include space planning, design, new construction of buildings and renovation of existing buildings.  The Construction Services Group includes a fine staff of professional carpenters and painters who provide exceptional value to the County when it comes to performing unique projects that require special, old-world craftsmanship (i.e., replacing the damaged red oak wood trim and plaster ornamentation in the 124-year-old Historic Courthouse).


    1895 Courthouse Clock Tower

    Clock Tower 1

    Clock Tower 2

    Clock Tower 3



    1895 Courthouse West Steps

    1895 Courthouse 1

    1895 Courthouse 2

    1895 Courthouse 3



    Old Civil Courts Demolition

    Old Civil Courts 1

    Old Civil Courts 2

    Old Civil Courts 3



    Old Civil Courts 4

    Old Civil Courts 5

    Old Civil Courts 6



    Old Civil Courts 7

    Old Civil Courts 8

    Old Civil Courts 9



    Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building

    Civil 1

    Civil 2

    Vandergriff Civil Courts 3



    Lon Evans Corrections Center

    Lon Evans 1

    Lon Evans 2

    Lon Evans CC 3



    Northwest Subcourthouse

    NW 1

    NW 2

    NW 3



    NW 4

    NW 5

    NW 6



    Renderings of Completed Buildings

    Family Law Center 1

    Family Law Center

    Subcourthouse in Arlington 1

    Subcourthouse in Arlington

    Lon Evans

    Lon Evans Corrections Center



    Civil Rendering

    Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building


    Medical Examiner's Office