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    May 11, 2013, Joint Election Results

    May 11, 2013
    Joint General and Special Elections

    Official Election Results

    The election results presented on this page are Tarrant County results only.  Please contact multi-county political subdivisions directly for combined election results that include all counties.

    New Election Results Reporting Tool

    Tarrant County is testing a new service for displaying election results.  This service presents election results in both text and graphical formats, and includes maps that show for each contest which polling places have reported and which reporting precincts are carried by each candidate.  Results data from each contest can be downloaded for further analysis by end-users.


    Tarrant County has not changed its method of tabulating votes; this is simply a new reporting tool that utilizes data from the county's existing tabulation system.  In the event that the results presented from this service differ from the traditional cumulative and precinct PDF reports presented below on this page, the traditional reports (which are produced directly from the tabulation system) should be considered correct.


    Important note:  Once inside this reporting tool, you cannot "refresh" your browser to get updated results.  The service posts a new web page for each update of election results.  To view the latest results, please close any open pages showing results and then click the link below for a new session.


    Cumulative Reports (Traditional Format)

    Important Note: The Cumulative Elections Results report will be posted at approximately 7 p.m. on election night displaying the early voting results (including both the early voting ballots cast in person and by mail).  This report will then be updated approximately every 30 to 45 minutes beginning about 8 p.m. as election day polling places deliver their results to the counting stations.  Please refresh your browser to view updated results.

    Cumulative Election Results

    Results of Automatic Recount - City of Pelican Bay Alderman Place 4

    Results of Recount - City of Pelican Bay Alderman Place 5


    Precinct-by-Precinct Reports (Traditional Format)

    Important Note: The Precinct-by-Precinct reports listed below in the "Contest Name" column will be posted only after all polling places have reported to the counting stations.  Only those contested races and propositions that have more than one reporting precinct (i.e. more than one polling place) are included in these reports.

    Political Subdivision Contest Name
     Arlington ISD  Trustee, Place 4
          Trustee, Place 5
     Azle ISD  Trustee, Place 1 (Unexpired term)
     Birdville ISD  Trustee, Place 6
        Bond Proposition  
     Carroll ISD  Trustee, Place 6
       Trustee, Place 7
     Castleberry ISD  Trustee, Place 6
     Crowley ISD  Trustee, Place 6
       Trustee, Place 7
     Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD  Trustee, Place 3
     Everman ISD  Bond Proposition
     Fort Worth ISD  Trustee, District 1
       Trustee, District 9
     Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD  Trustee, Place 1
       Trustee, Place 3
     Keller ISD  Trustee, Place 2
       Trustee, Place 3
     Kennedale ISD  Trustee, Place 4
       Trustee, Place 5
       Trustee, Place 7 (Unexpired term)
     Mansfield ISD  Trustee, Place 5
     Northwest ISD  Trustee, Place 3
     City of Arlington  Mayor
       Council Member, District 4
       Council Member, District 5
       Council Member, District 8
     City of Euless  Council Member, Place 1
       Council Member, Place 3
       Council Member, Place 4 (Unexpired term)
     City of Fort Worth  Council Member, District 2
       Council Member, District 4
       Council Member, District 5
       Council Member, District 8
     City of Grand Prairie  Mayor
       Council Member, District 1 (Unexpired term)
       Council Member, District 6 (Unexpired term)
     City of Haltom City  Council Member, Place 7
     City of Keller  Council Member, Place 1 (Unexpired term)
     Tarrant Regional Water District  Board of Directors (3 to be Elected)
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