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    May 29, 2012, Primary Election Results

    May 29, 2012 Primary Elections
    Official Election Results

    Cumulative Reports

    Important Note: The Cumulative Elections Results report will be posted at approximately 7 p.m. on election night displaying the early voting results (including both the early voting ballots cast in person and by mail).  This report will then be updated approximately every 30 to 45 minutes beginning about 8:30 p.m. as election day polling places deliver their results to the counting stations.  Please refresh your browser to view updated results.

    Democratic Party Cumulative Election Results     

    Republican Party Cumulative Election Results


    Precinct-by-Precinct Reports

    Important Note: The Precinct-by-Precinct reports listed below in the "Contest Name" column will be posted only after all polling places have reported to the counting stations.  Only those contested races and propositions that have more than one voting precinct are included in these reports.

    Party Contest Name

     Democratic Party

     Presidential Nominee


     United States Senator


     United States Representative, District 6


     United States Representative, District 33


     State Representative, District 90


     State Representative, District 95  


     State Representative, District 101

       County Commissioner, Precinct 1
       Constable, Precinct 8
       Democratic Party Referendum 1
       Democratic Party Referendum 2
       Democratic Party Referendum 3



     Republican Party

     Presidential Nominee


     United States Senator

           United States Representative, District 6
          United States Representative, District 12
          United States Representative, District 24
          United States Representative, District 25
          United States Representative, District 33


     Railroad Commissioner  


     Railroad Commissioner (unexpired term)
           Justice, Supreme Court Place 2


     Justice, Supreme Court Place 4


     State Senator, District 9


     State Senator, District 10


     State Representative, District 91


     State Representative, District 92


     State Representative, District 93


     State Representative, District 94


     State Representative, District 96


     State Representative, District 97

        State Representative, District 98
        District Judge, 153rd Judicial District
        County Commissioner, Precinct 3
        Constable, Precinct 1
        Constable, Precinct 2
        Constable, Precinct 3
        Constable, Precinct 6
        County Chair
        Republican Party Referendum - School Choice
        Republican Party Referendum - Repealing Obamacare
        Republican Party Referendum - Public Prayer
       Republican Party Referendum - Balanced Budget
       Republican Party Referendum - Redistricting
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