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    A completed and signed FPCA form must be submitted to the Elections Department by mail, common contract carrier, by fax, or as a scanned email attachment.  If an FPCA is faxed, the original must be mailed in to the Early Voting Clerk and received no later than 4 days after the faxed FPCA was received. This rule does not apply to an emailed FPCA. The FPCA includes pre-paid postage within the United States, additional postage may be required when mailing from outside of the U.S. Voters who send the completed FPCA by mail may use this postage-paid envelope.

    Please return your FPCA to:

    Mailing Address: Tarrant County Elections
    PO Box 961011
    Fort Worth, Texas 76161-0011

    Express/Courier Delivery: Tarrant County Elections
    2700 Premier St.
    Fort Worth, Texas 76111-3011

    Fax: 817-831-6118



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    TDD:  817-759-7801


    Tarrant County Elections Administration

    2700 Premier Street

    Fort Worth, TX 76111

    Phone#: 817-831-8683

    Hours of Business: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.