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    Conviction Integrity

    In order to truly fulfill our mission to seek justice for all, our ethical obligations do not end once a conviction is secured.  Seeking justice is not about conviction rates or win-loss records, but seeing that the correct result occurs.

    Evolutions in forensic sciences, as well as changes in court opinions and legislation governing the criminal justice system, make it critical that our office remain at the forefront of developing and implementing mechanisms that ensure the rightful administration of justice, safeguarding that the guilty are convicted and the innocent freed.


    While every prosecutor at the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office is responsible for conviction integrity, the creation of our Conviction Integrity Unit was a natural and essential progression.  Our Conviction Integrity Unit will:

            1)      Review from a neutral standpoint cognizable claims of actual innocence, and systemic issues which can result in wrongful convictions, collaborating with relevant parties in the course of those reviews, to determine if the correct results occurred; and

            2)      Assist with developing best practices and procedures based on the most up to date information, to facilitate prosecutors’ diligently and ethically fulfilling their responsibilities toward the rightful administration of justice.


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