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    Mission, Vision, Goals


    Our mission is to work collaboratively with our external and internal
    stakeholders to improve the satisfaction of the residents and
    businesses of Tarrant County through the effective and efficient
    provision of services.




    Our vision is to be financially responsible with County resources and
    efficient in service delivery. We commit to a culture of innovation,
    excellence, and transparency, while providing the highest level of
    customer service to Tarrant County residents and businesses.



    GOAL #1
    Improve Tarrant County’s financial strength and effectiveness by
    proactively exercising fiscal disciplines and performance/evidence-based
    budget allocation.

    GOAL #2
    Maximize Tarrant County’s operational efficiency and productivity through
    streamlined policies and processes, enhanced communication and
    targeted application of technologies.

    GOAL #3
    Continue to cultivate an organizational culture in which people are
    nurtured, innovation is encouraged and excellence is rewarded.

    GOAL #4
    Enhance the satisfaction level for the residents and businesses of Tarrant
    County through the effective delivery and equitable administration of
    justice, public safety, health, transportation and human and other services.

    GOAL #5
    Strategically engage the public and private stakeholders to improve the
    mobility of people and goods in Tarrant County and the North Texas

    GOAL #6
    Proactively collaborate with Tarrant County cities and other stakeholders
    to grow and diversify the local economy through the enhancement of
    human and capital infrastructures.