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    Senior Synergy Logo


    Health Education, Health Screenings

    and Vaccinations


    CIGNA Logo


    Health Education

    Interactive Exhibit designed to help raise awareness and understanding of how you can play an active role in your own health and lifestyle.


    BaylorScott And White


    Health Screenings

    BMI Screening

    Cholesterol Check

    Blood Pressure Check


      Health Education

    Stroke and Heart Attacks

    Pharmacy & Proper Disposal of Drugs  

    JPS Health Network

    JPS Health Network

    Health Screenings

    JPS Connection (Financial Eligibility)

    Health Education

    Dental Health

    Heart & Stoke

    Podiatry - Foot Care

     Cancer Prevention (Prostate & Colon)

    LIONS CLUB District 2E2


    Lions International Logo

    Health Screening

    Vision Screening

    Texas Health/Harris Methodist Hospital

    Fort Worth


    Texas Health Education image

    Health Screenings

     Skin Cancer Screening

    Colorectal Cancer Screening

    Body Mass Index (BMI) Evaluation


    Mobile Unit located in the Exhibitor Hall

    Health Education

    Senior Health

    Driving Safety

    Fall Prevention

    Heart Healthy Snack

    Library Health Services

    Heart and Stroke Health

    UNT Health Science Center


    Health Screenings

    Fall Risk Assessment

    Bone Density Screening


    unthsc booth


    Health Education

    Vial of Life     (Medication Reconciliation)

    Dr. Sid O ’Bryant PhD - Research Study on Aging and Alzheimers  

    Moncrief Cancer Institute


    Cancer Screening Truck

    Health Education

    Cancer Education (Breast, Colon, and Cervical)

    Enrollment for Cancer Survivor Program

    Enrollment for at-home colon cancer screening test

    Registration for fully funded mammogram and pap smears

    PBG Health


    Health Screening

    Blood Pressure Check  

    Fort Worth Safe Communities


    JPS Health Network

    SAFE Communities Coalition


    Fall Room Prevention

    Ball Room Prevention



     Zostavax Vaccine (Shingles)

    Adacel Vaccine(Whooping Cough & Tetanus)

    Pneumonia Vaccine

    Prevnar Vaccine (Pneumonia vaccine recommended for 65+)

    Life Care Centers of America



    Flu Shots

    Nurse Next Door Home Care Services

    Health Screening

    Digital Fall Risk Assessment




    Health Screening

    Blood Pressure Check