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    Programs & Initiatives

    The programs and initiatives of Southeast Tarrant County, Precinct 2 reflect the mission of our office, which is to support our stated priorities of effective and efficient governing, economic development and entrepreneurship, and education. Each program and initiative developed by Precinct 2 reflects a commitment to these core elements which are vital to the success of our communities and all of North Texas.

    Effective and Efficient Governing

    As stewards of your tax payer dollars, it is imperative that we are transparent in how these dollars are spent and ensure that they are spent wisely. This is one of my top priorities and we have several strategies in place to accomplish these goals. Interested? Read more about ways we are demonstrating Effective and Efficient Governing here.


    Economic Development/Entrepreneurship

    In Precinct 2, we strive to promote a culture of innovation, leadership and calculated-risk taking. We seek long-term economic vitality that can be achieved through organic growth and attracting new business to our area. Learn more about our Economic Development/Entrepreneurship programs and initiatives here.



    It is essential that we foster an environment of lifelong learning; learning that promotes higher education, vocational training and continual self-improvement. Obtain more information about our Education programs and initiatives here.



    The Tarrant Way. Trust-Acheivement-Regional-Relationship-Action-Now-Teamwork. The Tarrant Way is about trust created through transparency and accountability. It's about working together toward acheivement and building strong relationships with the realization that regional collaboration raises the tide, and a rising tide lifts all ships. It's the guiding principle which inspires action without delay, because dedicated teamwork now will ensure progress and success for Southeast Tarrant County and beyond.