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    Court Rules and Procedures



    (For Monday Trial Call)


    CASES:   Attorneys are to report to the courtroom at 9 a.m. Monday morning.

    JURY CASES:  Attorneys must exchange exhibit lists, witness lists, proposed jury questions, and motions in limine and file with the clerk prior to the start of the trial.   Please have your jury questions in hard copy and Word Perfect computer disk (or CD) for the judge, and also a hard copy for the file.  (If not able to produce a disk in Word Perfect, a hard copy will be accepted.)

    Exhibit Notebooks:    

        One Original Exhibit Notebook (exhibits to be offered at trial)   

        Attorneys: A copy to each respective attorney

    NON-JURY CASES:  Attorneys must exchange exhibit lists, witness lists and requested findings of fact and conclusions of law filed with the clerk prior to the start of the trial, and on a CD for the judge.

    Exhibit Notebooks:        

    Judge: One copy of Exhibit Notebook

    Court Reporter: One Original Exhibit Notebook (exhibits to be offered at trial)

    Attorneys: A copy to each respective attorney

    Attorneys are to go over the above items at 9 a.m.  The judge will visit with the attorneys shortly after to hear any contested issues.  Any objections to exhibits should be made at this time.  Stipulated exhibits will be admitted on the record before trial.



    Videotaped depositions shall be handled as required by the Tarrant County Local Rules.  Counsel shall tender a copy of other depositions, with the admitted portions highlighted, to opposing counsel by or on Friday before trial.  Prior to presenting deposition excerpts at trial, counsel shall provide highlighted testimony to the court  reporter and to the Court.  Any objections to deposition testimony should be made before trial.

    2. EXHIBITS:  

    Exhibits are to be handled in accordance with Local Rule 3.03(c).  They are to be marked and numbered as Plaintiff or Defendant (numerically, no alphabetic sub-parts) prior to trial or hearing, and a list is to be provided to the court reporter and the Court.  Exhibits do not need to be numbered in the order in which they are offered, but the number on the exhibit must correspond to the list.  Please call the court reporter if you have any questions about exhibits at 817-884-2712.

    LARGE EXHIBITS exceeding 8 ½ X 11 must be accompanied by a letter-sized copy.  After the trial, the letter-sized copy will be retained by the court reporter as the original exhibit and the large exhibit returned to the offering party.

    PHYSICAL EXHIBITS (Tires, fenders, machine parts, airplane wings, etc.) shall be accompanied by a photo.  After the trial, the photo will be retained as the original exhibit, and the physical item returned to the offering party.

    ALL EXHIBITS SHALL have redactions made (if any), and be premarked, tabbed and indexed in a notebook to eliminate the problem of loose exhibits disappearing or hunting for exhibits during trial.   Please make sure that any redactions are made before trial.


    Please provide the COURT REPORTER with a copy of your witness list as soon as possible before the trial starts.