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    The Tarrant County Pretrial Services Program is designed to help individuals who live in Tarrant County or the surrounding counties to obtain jail release.

    If you or a family member is in jail on a criminal offense, you may be released for $20, or 3 percent of the bond amount, whichever is greater.

    Contact the Pretrial Services office when you, a friend or family member is in jail. We may be your alternative to incarceration.

    What is a Pretrial Bond?

    A Pretrial Bond is a personal bond offered as an alternative to jail release for those individuals who qualify. The Pretrial Services Department is funded through Tarrant County and was established in March of 1979. The office is responsible for gathering and reviewing information about an accused person to assist in making a determination to release the individual from custody.

    Pretrial Services is committed to making a cost-efficient mechanism available for the release of defendants from jail, to assisting in alleviating an overcrowded jail and to providing a fair and unbiased method of release.


    Pretrial Services

    Tarrant County Corrections Center
    100 N. Lamar Street
    Fort Worth, Texas 76196-0218