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    LEPC Chair:
    Gary Medesy
    Emergency Management Specialist - Retired

    Larry Bushwar
    Volunteer Lead, External Relations
    American Red Cross

    Robert Berndt, REM
    Environmental Specialist
    Tarrant County Transportation Department

    William Wessel
    Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator
    Tarrant County Emergency Management

    Mailing Address:
    Local Emergency Planning Committee
    David McCurdy
    Tarrant County Administrator's Office
    100 E. Weatherford, Suite 404
    Fort Worth, TX  76196
    817-884-1473 | Fax: 817-884-1702

    Visit the Tarrant County LEPC webpage.

    Tarrant County Tier II Reporting Requirements


    Tier II Chemical Reporting Program

    Tier II Administration:

    Tarrant County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) through the Tarrant County Office of Emergency Management
    Phone: 817-884-1473 or 817-884-1804 Email:

    Special Instructions:

    Tarrant County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) requires facilities to use Tier2 Submit and requests that electronic Tier II data files (created out of Tier2 Submit, not scanned pdf or word documents) be submitted via email to Please include a contact name and telephone number in the body of the email for reference. If emailing is not an option, Tarrant County will accept electronic data files to be submitted on CD or thumb drive via U.S. mail to:

    Tarrant County Office of Emergency Management

    100 E Weatherford St, Suite 404,

    Fort Worth, Texas 76196


    Note: Submission of your electronic data file to Tarrant County LEPC Tier II Chemical Reporting Program serves as notification to the Tarrant County Office of Emergency Management for Tier II data. Facilities are also required to submit their Tier II report to their local Fire Department and to the Department of State Health Services as part of their annual filing. For more details about state submission, please go to                  

    For additional information please in regard Tarrant County LEPC:


    A new version of Tier2 Submit is created around November of each year.


    The annual Tier II Chemical Report for the calendar year is due between January 1 – March 1st annually.