Medical Examiner: 2003 Conference: Day 1 Current Trends
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{Chisolm Trail Mural in Sundance Square}
Chisholm Trail Mural
in Sundance Square
Current Trends in Forensic Science

2003 Conference: Day 1 Current Trends

{Mayor Mike Moncrief}
Mayor Mike Moncrief welcomes the attendees
and describes his friendship with Dr. Peerwani.
{Dr. Peerwani}
Dr. Nizam Peerwani begins by discussing
the pathophysiology of Trauma.
{Medical Examiner Staff}
Staff from the Medical Examiner office work hard
to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 
{Firearm Injury Presentation}
Dr. Peerwani explains the forensics
regarding firearm injuries.
{Tissue Procurement in the Medical Examiner setting}
Dr. David M. Smith explains the balance between
the medical examiner's fear of evidence loss and
the need for tissue and organ donation.

The Participants
Moderator Frederick Slabach, J.D.
Welcome Nizam Peerwani, M.D.
Opening Remarks Chief Guest
Honorable Mike Moncrief
Mayor, City of Fort Worth
Pathophysiology of Trauma Nizam Peerwani, M.D.
Firearm Injury Nizam Peerwani, M.D.
Genetic Disposition in SIDS Michael Bennett, M.D.
Tissue Procurement in a Medical Examiner Setting David Smith, M.D.
Human Identification Rodney Crow, D.D.S.

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