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Current Trends in Forensic Science - Annual Conference

May 16-18
2012 Topics
Human Identification Cold Case Resolution & Child Fatality
{TCCD Trinity River Campus Photos}
Tarrant County College District Trinity River Campus
300 Trinity Campus Circle Fort Worth, Texas
Continuing Education Credits Available
MICHELLE O'NEAL  817-920-5700 ext. 8372
Zachariah Award of Excellence 
Is given in recognition for outstanding service and achievement of one whose work in the field of law enforcement, forensic science or pathology has demonstrated tenacity and/or the advancement of technology
to resolve transgressions against others through truth
Nomination deadline March 16, 2012
........................REGISTER EARLY....................... 
Registration $225
Space is limited-please register early so we may ensure your attendance
For our out of town guest Holiday Inn Express code TCE
Book by April 15th for special rate with free Parking and
3 mile radius Shuttle Service 
Student Scholarship $125-Approval Required
Morning Coffee
Zachariah Award Luncheon Thursday 
Special Guest Speaker Luncheon Friday
Snacks and Drinks during all breaks
2012 Topics Include
Human Identification-Cold Case Resolution
Child Fatality
Current Updates in Forensic Science
Continuing Education Credits Available
Wednesday, May 16th
10:30   Registration Open
1:00     Opening Remarks-The Role of the Medical Examiner in Homicide
                                             Investigation - Dr.Marc Krouse, M.D.
1:30     Keynote Address-
                           Postmortem Examinations in a Medical Examiner Setting
                                          Dr. Marc Krouse, M.D.
2:00     Revealing Digital Secrets  -Kyle Gibson, CFCE 
2:30     Redesigning Designer Drugs - Sabra Botch, M.A., M.S.
3:00         BREAK
3:15     DNA Cases: Crimes Against Children-Jennifer Valentine, M.S.
3:45     Updates to the TX Legislature Relevant to Forensic Science - Khayan Williams, J.D.
4:30     Panel Discussion-Question & Answer Speaker Evaluations
   Thursday, May 17th
7:00      Registration Open-Coffee & Continental Breakfast
8:00      Avenues That Lead to Positive Identification of Unknown Decedents-Jennifer
                    Love, Ph.D.
9:00      FACE-ing The Nameless: Evidential Art and Facial Identification
               -Suzanne Lowe, B.S.
10:00        BREAK 
10:15    Texas Protocol & Resources for the Identification of Human Remains -Kristin
                 Fabry, B.S.  
11:00    Ten Years of Identifying Undocumented Migrants at the Pima Co., AZ Office of
                      the Medical Examine -Bruce Anderson, Ph.D. 
12:00        LUNCH........................Special Presentation      
Zachariah Award of Excellence
Presented by Susan Howe, Ph.D.
5:00       (Workshops with 3:00 BREAK )   
Thursday Workshops
Choose A, B, or C
 A C 
"The Case of the Missing Face"  Hands on Workshop of clay facial reconstruction
 "One for the Road"
Alcohol Dosing & Testing of Subjects
"Sudden & Unexplained
Infant Death Investigation Protocol" Review the steps for every sudden infant death investigation 
Suzanne Baldon, M.A.
Suzanne Lowe, B.S.
Sarah Skiles, B.S.
Richard Alpert, J.D.
Susan Rodriguez, B.A.
Reade Quinton, M.D.
Friday, May 18th
7:00          Coffee & Continental Breakfast
12:00       (Workshops with 10:00 BREAK)
Friday Workshops
Choose D, E, or F
 D F 
 "Unidentified Persons Workshop"
Covers resources and law in Texas for investigators working with unidentified body or missing person cases.  Bring your questions from your own casework.
"The Practice of Forensic Medicine"
Death at an Unexpected Age (20-50 years)
The Role of Anthropology in the Recognition of Child Abuse
The Enigma of Abandoned Infants
"Child Fatality"
Sudden Cardiac Death in Childhood
Using One's index of Suspicion
Child Death Review in TX:An Overview
 Dana Austin, Ph.D.
B.J. Spamer, M.F.S.
Kristin Fabry, B.S.
Jerry Mendlowski, M.D.
Jennifer Love, Ph.D.
Susan Roe, M.D.
Carlos Galliani, M.D.
Kimberly Aaron, M.D.
(or Floyd Ota, M.D.)
Susan Rodriguez, B.A. 
12:00        LUNCH........................Special Presentation      
The CW33's
Chief Meteorologist 
Rebecca Miller
Speaks on
"Forensic Meteorology"
Friday Afternoon Lectures
1:00          Women on Texas' Death Row-Carolyn Van Winkle, M.S.
2:00          Fatal Child Abuse: A Case Study-Michael Floyd, B.S.
3:00         BREAK
3:15          The Anatomy of a Child Fatality Prosecution-Alan Minton, J.D.
4:30          Panel Discussion-Question & Answer Speaker Evaluations
Schedule subject to change-please contact if assistance is required downloading forms
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PLEASE CONTACT Sarah Skiles 817-920-5700 ext. 8374 or
This symposium is designed to meet the educational needs of Law Enforcement Agents, Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys, Justices Of the Peace, Medical Professionals and others in the Medicolegal Investigation Systems. The goal of the seminar is to provide attorneys, physicians and law enforcement agencies an understanding of the operation of the Medical Examinerís Office including formulation, investigation and interpretation of death scenes, autopsy, investigation and laboratory results.  This is accomplished by using appropriate presentations and audience participation.

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