Juvenile Services: What happens when a child is taken to detention?
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About Detention

What happens when a child is taken to detention?

Your child may have been taken into custody by the police and brought to the juvenile detention center. In about half of cases referred to the department, police take this action for one of several reasons: a parent cannot be located, the child may be in danger, or the child may be endangering others.

To ensure the safety of children and of the staff, your child will be searched upon arrival at the center. The intake officer will review the police report to determine that it contains proper authorization to temporarily detain the child. The intake officer will secure basic identifying information from the child in order to notify you that he or she has been brought to the detention center by the police.

Depending on the law violation or other circumstance, you may be notified that the child can be released to you at the center. In this event you will be instructed to return at an appointed time for an interview with a caseworker.

If the situation requires overnight detention of the child, a detention hearing is scheduled for the next working day following the child’s admission to the center. Detention hearings are held on Monday through Thursday at 1:30 PM and on Friday at 10:30 AM. A parent or guardian must be present.

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