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325th District Court
325th District Court
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About Tarrant County 325th Associate Court

Court Rules & Procedures

Cases Heard

All matters permitted by Section 54.005 of the Texas Government Code including, but not limited to, Temporary Restraining Orders, Requests for Protective Orders, Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, Writs of Habeas Corpus, Enforcement Motions, Discovery Motions and Final Trials when there is no objection.

Bringing Children to Court

Children are not to be brought to Court for any reason without the prior approval of the Court. If the court grants a motion to confer with a child, the court will inform the appropriate party as to the day and time the child is to be brought to court.

Court Schedule

Cases are generally set at 8:30 a.m. each morning and docket called at 9:00 a.m. Preferential settings will generally be scheduled at 1:30 p.m. Attorneys and parties are required to appear on time for their settings. The court will accept phone call appearances from attorneys scheduled on the 8:30 a.m. docket if they have multiple settings in different courts.

Contempt Case & Protective Order Cases

Motions for Contempt and Applications for Protective Orders are heard on Thursday mornings. Applications for Protective Orders filed by the Tarrant County District Clerk's Office are heard for all courts on Thursday mornings in February and August.

Special Settings

If a case will require more than two hours to complete, the attorneys should contact the Associate Judge or Court Coordinator for a conference and to obtain a preferential setting. Cases will be set at 1: 30 p.m. upon request and availability.

Court Reporters and Transcripts

The Court only provides a court reporter on Thursdays for hearings conducted by the Associate Judge. Anyone wishing to have their matter heard by the Associate Judge and a record taken by a court reporter is responsible for providing the court reporter at their own cost and expense.


Parties and attorneys are responsible for providing qualified translators for any case requiring translation of a foreign language. Children of the parties will not be allowed to act as translators.


No gratuities may be accepted by the court or any staff member.

Ex Parte Communications

All inquiries concerning motions and other court business should be directed to the court coordinator. Judges are prohibited from communicating about cases with the litigants or their attorneys unless both sides are present. Judge White will not accept phone calls from litigants. Judge White will not accept phone calls from attorneys about their cases pending in the 325th District Court.

Faxes & E-mail

The Court may not be contacted by fax without the prior permission of the Court. The Court does not accept filing by fax or e-mail. Those arrangments must be made with the Tarrant County District Clerk's office. E-mails will only be accepted by the Court Co-ordinator and the Court Reporter. E-mails to the Judge will not be read or acknowledged unless requested by and expected by the Judge.

Ad Litem Appointments

Ad litem appointments are made from a list maintained by the court coordinator. To be placed on that list, it is necessary that the applicant furnish to the court a resume and a statement that the proposed ad litem and the court have no relationships which constitutes a conflict of interest. Ad litem fees are calculated based upon the complexity of the matter involved, the hourly charge of the ad litem, and the value of the work done by the ad litem. Ad litem fees are to be kept reasonable under all circumstances.


Unless there are allegations of abuse towards a spouse or child, most cases will be referred to mediation.

Social Studies

Social studies are ordered in most contested custody actions, contested visitation cases, or upon request.

Access Facilitation

Access Facilitation, a form of alternative dispute resolution, will be used in most cases involving custody and visitation disputes unless there are allegations of abuse or the subject children are infants. The Access Facilitator for the 325th is Brad Carpenter, (817) 884-1616.

Dress Code

Appropriate business attire for attorneys and their staff is required. NO ONE will do business with the Court wearing cutoffs, shorts, tank tops, swim wear, obscenity on clothing, house slippers, halter tops, dirty clothing, micro-mini skirts, workout garments, midriff shirts. Shirts shall be appropriately buttoned. Attorneys are responsible for informing their clients of the Court's dress code.

Cell Phones

All mobile phones and pagers will be turned off while in court. Violators may be fined.

Courtroom Demeanor

No conferences are to be held in the courtroom while the Judge in on the bench. No chewing gum is allowed in the courtroom. Keep noise down when the Judge is on the bench. No food will be allowed in the courtroom. No drinks will be allowed unless upon the express permission of the Judge.

Pet Peeves

  • Bringing children to the Court without specific prior instructions from the Court.
  • Attorneys not appearing for their settings or calling in on their setting.
  • Attorneys checking in and disappearing.
  • Attorneys appearing late and then wanting to commence a hearing despite the lateness of the hour.
  • Inaccurate estimates of time to complete the trial.

Common Forms Needed at Trial

On all matters requiring the court to make a financial determination, each of the parties is required to submit a completed Expense Information Sheet and an Income Information Sheet. These forms should be completed and copies should be provided to opposing counsel/party prior to requesting a hearing before the Court.

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