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Assumed Names

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An Assumed Name / DBA (Doing Business as) should be filed with the County Clerk's Office in which business is to be conducted.  Incorporated and unincorporated assumed name certificate forms can be completed in person or submitted by mail if notarized. Assumed name certificate forms filed at the county level must include original signatures of each person whose name is to be listed on the certificate. If the person is not an individual, the assumed name form must be signed by an officer, general partner, member, manager, representative, or attorney in fact of that person. Note: An assumed name certificate application that is signed and acknowledged by an attorney in fact must include a statement that the attorney in fact has been duly authorized in writing to sign and acknowledge the assumed name certificate to be filed.

The Tarrant County Clerk’s office will acknowledge signatures with a valid photo Driver’s License, State ID, U.S. Passport or Military ID card. If more than one person is to be listed on the certificate, all parties must be present at the same time. Otherwise, all signatures must be notarizedApplicants may conduct business under multiple assumed names, but each name must be filed separately.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to search the assumed name records in the county in which business is to be conducted to ensure no other business has the same name.  Tarrant County records can be searched online or in person.

The County Clerk staff does not provide legal advice or opinions.  You may obtain more information about assumed names from the Texas Business and Commerce Code.  For assumed name filing FAQ's, please refer to the Texas Secretary of State.

Note:  An assumed name is not a business license.  Contact City Hall in the city in which business is to be conducted to find out if a business license is required in that city.

For instructions and fees regarding filing Assumed Name Forms, please see the links below.

Unincorporated assumed name applications may be partially completed and saved online, but applicants must appear in person to sign the application and pay the required fee.  The process can be completed at the downtown location or at a Tarrant County sub-courthouse location.
A Disposition of Interest is the removal of an assumed name that has been filed with the County Clerk's office.
A disposition of interest should be filed if the business is no longer in operation or the owner(s) of the business do not want to be associated with the business name that is on record.  In addition, a disposition of interest should be filed if any changes need to be made to an assumed name that has already been recorded.  If a disposition of interest is completed because information needs to be changed on an assumed name, a new assumed name form will have to be completed and filed with the changed or correct information.

For instructions and fees regarding filing a Disposition of Interest form, please see the link below.

Disposition of Interest Form



Mail completed assumed name and/or disposition of interest application with a check or money order payable to Mary Louise Garcia, County Clerk.  The application(s) must be notarized and contain original signatures.

Mailing address:     Tarrant County Clerk, Assumed Names

                           200 Taylor Street, Suite 301

                           Fort Worth, TX  76196



Monday-Friday         8:00 AM -- 5:00 PM


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