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{Tarrant County Courthouse}
Tarrant County Courthouse
Biographical Files

     {Captain BB Paddock}
The Biographical Files maintained in the Tarrant County Archives are listed below. These files offer information on individuals and families that live or have lived in Tarrant County.  Contents of Biographical Files may range from a single article to several inches of various forms of documentation. Key figures in Tarrant County history tend to have larger files. Additional biographical materials may be found in the Named Collections. We welcome copies or original family documents for safekeeping in the Archives. If you wish to donate materials, please contact the Tarrant County Archivist.
Photograph: Captain B.B. Paddock was a significant leader in the development of Fort Worth and Tarrant County following the Civil War and well into the Twentieth Century. He is here pictured as Mayor with his beaver skin hat, which is held by the University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections. Paddock held numerous key positions including editor of the Fort Worth Democrat (1873-1881) later named the Gazette; president of the Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railway Company (1885-1889); founder and executive secretary of the Fort Worth Board of Trade (1901-1909);  president of the Texas Spring Palace (1889-1890); city mayor (1892-1900); twice Tarrant County Representative in the State Legislature (1881-1883; 1913-1915); and was instrumental in creating Fort Worth's first fire department, water works and school system.  
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{Al Hayne Memorial : }
Abbott, Thomas
Abrams, A. H.
Acton, Mr. & Mrs. Tom M.
Adair Family
Adair, Rose Kahler
Adam, Betty Ann Froehlich
Adams, Abner L.
Adams Family
Adams, Harry
Adams, Lillie K.
Adams, Richard Edward
Adams, Robert G. (Architect)
Adams, Scott G. Jr.
Adams, Thomas M.
Adams, William L.
Adamson, Linda
Adkins, Wade (Attorney)
Adler, Jack
Agather, Elaine
Agee, John F.
Akers, John
Akey, Patti
Akpene, Frank
Albright, Dorothy Ruth Hawkins
Albright, Fontaine
Alcorn, Keith
Alden, John
Aldenhoven, Carl J. & Norma Samson
Alder, Jack
Aldridge, Mejuan Griggs
Alexander, Catherine R.
Alexander, James Hunter
Alexander, Lueida Horton
Alexander, M. P.
Alford, Bruce H.
Alford Family
Alford, George
Alhoim, Roy Leonard
Allen, Alexander
Allen, Dr. Daisy Emery
Allen, Dorothy Gail Brown
Allen Family
Allen, Gary M.
Allen, J. P.
Allen, Rev. J. P.
Allen, Jerry W.
Allen, Judy Allen Knight
Allen, Phyllis
Allen, Sue
Allen, William Valentine "Tine"
Allison, Dr. H. C.
Allison, James Henry
Alliston, Wiley T.
Allred Family (see Barentine Family)
Altman, Fredric Gans
Altman, Ric
Alverson, Henderson B.
Alverson, Nan N. Thorton
Alvis, Alice Sawyers
Alvis, James
Ambler, E. T.
Ambrose, Anne Elizabeth Shepherd
Ambrose, Dorothy Ruth Collins
Amos, Gloria Ann
Amslar, Robert W.
Anderlitch, Mr. & Mrs. Frank
Anderlitch, Josephine
Anderson, Aubrey "Andy" Claude
Anderson, Aubrey Lee
Anderson Family
Anderson Family (Hurst)
Anderson Family (U.S.)
Anderson, Justice C.
Anderson, J. M.
Anderson, Neil P.
Anderson, R.T. (Dick)
Anderson, Waverly
Andrews, Angelyn Louise Scoma
Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F.
Andrews, Jerry
Andrews, Lisa Marcelle
Andrews, Paul
Andrews, Paul Eugene
Andrews, T. D. D.
Angle, Jim
Ankele, Felix
Ankele, George Julius
Annen Family
Ansley, Gertie Elizabeth
Anthis, Nicholas
Anton, Charles
Anton, Reuben
Antrim, Harry
Appleman, Michael (Attorney)
Archenhold, Helen G.
Archenhold, R. C.
Armer, Lee
Armstrong, Elizabeth M.
Armstrong, Judge George W.
Armstrong, Ila
Armstrong, Joe Gravitt
Armstrong, Robert Wright
Arnold Family (see Named Collection, Arnold-Humphries)
Arnold, Gordon Jr.
Arnold, Ripley Allen
Arp, Donna
Arseneau, Flavin James
Arwine Family
Ashburn, J. Foster
Ashley, Charles Kenneth
Ashworth, Charlotte Jean
Ashworth, Judge Clyde
Ashworth, Michael T.
Aston, C. W.
Aston, Weldon Roy
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, Howell
Austin, Judge Dave
Austin Family
Austin, James N.
Austin, Jim
Austin, John
Autrey Family (John)
Autrey, John
Avila, Jane
Avila, John
Axtell Family (Axtell Windmill Company)
Axtell, Fred W.
Azlin, Mr. & Mrs. Willie Edward
Babb Family
Babb, Cortez
Babb, W. H. (Hobart)
Babbit, James Lloyd
Bachner, Thomas Edgar
Backus Family (Oakley)
Bagsby, Dionne
Bahan, Lola Thompson
Bahan, William Clinton Jr.
Bailey, Delbert
Bailey Family
Bailey, Frank A. Jr.
Bailey, James Noel
Bailey, James Stephen
Bailey, Marjorie Tappan
Bailey, Minnie Parker
Bailey, Thomas A.
Baird Family (Mrs. Baird's)
Baird, Vernon & Allen
Baker, Albert Sidney
Baker, Harold Barnes
Baker, Herbert Victor
Baker, Howard Walton
Baker Family (J. B.)
Baker, J. B.
Baker, J. J.
Baker, James Nathan (Baker Funeral Home)
Baker, Jonathan Hamilton
Baker, Katie Ella
Baker, Lou Ella
Baker, Marguerite
Baker, Marquel
Baker, Martin Lee
Baker, Paula Dare Roberts
Baker, Raymond Clifford
Baker, Stanley J.
Balch, Alfred Wiley
Baldridge, Earl
Baldridge, Martha
Baldridge, Patricia Gorman
Balentine, Douglas
Bales, Lou Ella
Ball, Chester (Attorney)
Ballard Family
Ballard, Joseph J.
Ballweg, Henry
Ballweg, Phillip
Banner, Alison Mary Rae
Banowsky, Wade
Banowsky, William S.
Barakis, Andronickie Xedias
Barakis, H. Rocky
Barbour, Walter B.
Barclay, William
Bardin, Bill
Bardin, Frankie L.
Bardin, Jesse C.
Bardon, John
Barentine Family
Barkley Family
Barklis, Sam S.
Barlow, Jim (Attorney)
Barnard, Ken
Barnes, Doctor Pittken
Barnes, Eddie Dale
Barnes, Judge Eva
Barnes, Hazel Easton Fielder
Barnes, Lee Alfred
Barnes, M. M.
Barnett, Rev. & Mrs. Cecil Rhoads
Barnett, John Lawrence
Barnett, Larry
Barnett, Louis H.
Barney, Mary Louise
Barney, William D.
Barnhill, James C.
Barr, Kenneth
Barr, Willard
Barrera, Raymond
Barrett, Bruce R.
Barrett, Hunter
Barrier, Ann Hendricks
Barrier, Charles Wesley
Barron, Ann Forman
Barros, James Donald
Barrow, Suzanne
Bartholet, Joseph
Barton, Fritz Engel
Barton, Judge Jon
Barwise, Judge Joseph H. (Attorney)
Bass, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E.
Bass, Edward
Bass Family
Bass, Jack
Bass, Lee & Ramona
Bass, Perry
Bass, Robert & Anne
Bass, Sam (Outlaw)
Bass, Sam
Bass, Sid
Bass, Theodore Ezell
Bates, Louella Alice
Batts, Duncan
Batts, Margaret Douglass
Batts, Minerva Hobart
Batts, Robert E. Lee
Baudoux, Charles M.
Baum, Gary
Bazemore, Raymond
Beal, Gerald
Beal, Harlean
Beall, Don
Beall Family
Bean, Alan
Bean, C. Jack (Company)
Bean, Frances
Bean, Jack
Beard, Helen
Beard, William David
Beaton, Johnie Day
Becera, Isabel
Bechtol, Mrs. John
Beck, Cora Lee
Beckerman, David M.
Beckham, Julia Fae
Beckham, Judge R. E.
Beckham, Rosa May
Beckman, Myrtle
Beckwith, Josephine
Bedford, Alann
Bedford, John
Beggs Family
Beggs, George K.
Behrens, Ella
Behrens, Minnie
Belew, Judge David Owen Jr.
Bell, Charles Keith
Beloate, W. E.
Beltram, Hector C. Sr.
Benge, Claudia
Benge, William D. "Bill"
Bennett, Dora L.
Bennett, Hamilton
Bennett, Joseph Wayne Sr.
Bennett, Lena Bennett Randolph
Bennett, Walter R. Jr.
Benoit, Patricia & Doris
Benson, Jack
Benson, James Pat
Benson, Waid
Bentley, J. T.
Bentley, Russell Wayne Sr.
Bentsen, Nell Marie McCarter
Berber, Luis
Berber, Wilenne Scott
Berens, Fritz
Beringer, Carroll James
Berney, Morris E.
Bernstein, Elvin
Bernstein, Lee
Berry, Rev. Charles Washington
Berry, Clay J.
Berry, Clay Johnson Jr.
Berry, Judge Elizabeth
Berry, Sam Hay
Bevan, Barbara Shotts
Bewley, Anthony
Bewley, Earl
Bewley Family
Bewley - Melbourne - Calloway Families
Bibb, Georgia Diane Elsholtz
Bibb, Sumpter Turner
Bibb, Sumter Turner IV
Bibb, Sumter Turner III (Architect)
Bickers, Isla M
Bierschenk, Alfred Michael
Bilger, Mary Josephine
Billingsley, Jack A.
Billington, Donna Jean
Bird, Emily Wilson
Bird, Frances Fry Young
Bird, Jonathan
Birdsong, Vera Ida
Bishop, Martella L.
Bivens, Gyna
Blackburn, Robert Silas
Blackmon, Jerrell
Blackwell, Thomas
Blair, Sloan Blackmon (Attorney)
Blais, Judge Lawrence
Blalock, Mary
Bledsoe, Jennie Retina
Bleuins, Zwatschka
Boaz Family
Boaz, W. J.
Bobo, Z. B.
Bobo, Zack
Bockstein, Lena
Bogard, Wade (Architect)
Bogart Family
Bogart, Louis
Bohle, Mary Alice
Bohrman, Christian
Boldrick, Neill (Attorney)
Bolen, Bob (Mayor)
Boller, Dr. Paul
Bomar, D. J.
Bond, Eugene
Bond, George DohertyBond, Le Kathrin
Bondermen, David
Bone, J. R.
Bonnel, Ric
Bonnels Family
Bonner, Ruth Weisner
Bonney, William ("Billy The Kid")
Booher, Daisy
Booher, Paul
Bookout, Bill
Boomer, Russell Y.
Boorman, James William
Booth, John W.
Booth, Ray
Boothe, Ben (Attorney)
Booze, Rod L. (Architect)
Borah Family
Borden, C. B.
Borden, Jack (Attorney)
Borden, James
Boswell Family
Boswell, Jerry
Boswell, Lorin A.
Boswell, William
Bourland, Aurelius Delphus
Bourland Family
Bourland, Margaret
Bowen, Isabel
Bowen, R. Mayo "Dub" Jr.
Bowen, Robert Lee
Bowker, Coquelle "Coke"
Bowles, Earl
Bowles, Helen
Bowles, Walton
Bowman, Euday
Bowman, Larry G.
Box, David E.
Box, Mary
Boyd, Delta
Boyd Family (Ellis)
Boyd, Judge Jean
Boyd, John
Boyd, Mary
Boykin, Mrs. Stanley (Clota Terrell)
Bozeman, Lilli Shelton Allen
Brachman, Etta
Brachman, Fay
Brachman, Leon
Brachman, Malcolm
Braden, A. Wayne
Bradley, James
Bradley, Judge Weldon
Bradshaw, James
Bragan, Bobby
Brandt, August H.
Brandt, George A.
Brinkley, Charles C.
Bransford Family
Brants Family
Bratten, John
Bratton, Beulah
Bratton, Richard
Breeding Family
Brender, Art (Attorney)
Brewer, Bill (Attorney)
Brewer, Eliza Mae
Brewster, Judge Harris J.
Brewster, Judge Leo
Briggs, John
Briscoe, Leonard
Britain Family
Britt, Rev. Cedric D.
Brittingham, Thomas
Brock, Jim
Broderick, Bess Smith
Brogdon, Margaret Schell
Broiles, David (Attorney)
Brooker Family
Brooks, Elston
Brooks Family
Brooks, Dr. Marion J.
Browder, Laura
Brown, Chip
Brown, Harold
Brown, Herman
Brown, James Malcolm
Brown, Jesse M.
Brown, Joe B.
Brown, Martha Hand
Brown, Michael
Brown, Milton
Brown, Weddle, Corse, Sebourn Families
Brumley, Jon & Jon S. (Encore Founders)
Brunson, Doyle
Bryant, William
Bryce Building
Buck, Raymond Elliot
Buckler, Frances
Buckner, John Kendrick
Buckley, Dr. Ernest
Budanauro, Eliauro
Budanauro, Larry
Buell, Gary T. (Attorney)
Bulloch, Gladys (Miss Tarrant County 1926)
Bulloch Family
Burch, Devore O.
Burchill, Belle M.
Burdette, Judge Don
Burge, Jack
Burgess Family
Burgess, Flo
Burgoon Family
Burk, Alan Neil
Burleson, General Edward
Burleson, Pat
Burnam, Lon
Burnett Family
Burnett, Judge Robert M.
Burnett, Samuel Burk
Burnham, Earl
Burns, Cleatus
Burton, Rena
Bush Family (George P.)
Bushong, George
Bussey, Julius
Butcher, Allan (Attorney)
Butler, Henry H.
Butler, Jack L.
Byas Family
Bybee, Bill
Byers Family
Byrne, General J. J.
Byrne, Thomas
Cadenhead, John Jr.
Cadenhead, Sam
Caine, Rachel
Calder, Alexander (Artist)
Calhoun, Jim
Calhoun, Martha
Call, Ann Lowdon
Callaway Family
Calloway Family
Calloway Family (Catherine & her Mother)
Calloway, Hiram
Calloway, Lee
Calvert, George
Campbell, Charles Boyle Jr.
Campbell, Clyde
Campbell, Earl
Campbell, George H. Jr.
Campbell, Jeroleen "Jerry" Johnson
Campbell, Katharine Love Harrison
Campbell, Ralph
Campbell, Susan
Canning, Anthony B. (Tony)
Cannon, Carter
Cannon, Donna Souder
Cannon Family
Cannon, Guy
Cannon, Jack
Cannon, Josephine
Cannon, Weldon G.
Cantey Family
Capers, Milton Burns
Capps, Benjamin Franklin
Capps, William
Caraway, John Wesley Jr.
Carb Family
Cardona, Bennie
Carey, Harvey
Cargill, Howard Wesley
Caruthers, James Randolph, Sr.
Clark, Carl Wendolon
Carlin, Electra Anne
Carlin, George
Carlson, O. G. "Red"
Carriher, Frank Albert
Carroll, Prof. B.
Carruth Family
Carruthers, Charles E.
Carruthers, Lewis C.
Carson, Kit
Carswell, Major Horace S. Jr.
Carter, Amon Sr.
Carter Family (Amon Carter)
Carter, J. P.
Carter, Minnie Meachem
Carter, Nelle Bone
Carter, Shirley T.
Cartwright, Aubrey Ray Jr.
Cartwright, Carolyn
Cartwright, Mr. and Mrs. C.J.
Cartwright, Gary
Cartwright, R. L.
Carvajal, Anthony N.
Cary, Nadine Lois Spencer
Cary, Reby
Casey, Martin
Cash, James
Cash, Jeanne
Cash, Juanita
Cashion, Ty
Caskey, Margaret
Cassidy, “Butch" (Robert Leroy Parker)
Casstevens, Lavon Bowman
Castillion, Ruth Minter
Castle, Vernon
Castleberry, W. Z.
Cate, Mr. & Mrs. H. M.
Cate, William Edward "Bill"
Catlett, Hanson George
Catteron, Judge Randy
Cauble, Rex
Cave, Judge Tom
Cavender, Charles C.
Cavender, Leona
Cavender, Robert
Cavile, Mr.
Cayce, Chief Justice Judge John
Cayce, Mark Benjamin
Cetti, Zane
Chaggaris, Peter
Chamberlain, Virginia
Chan, Alfonso (Attorney)
Chapin, Chapin
Chapman, Edgar
Chapman Family
Chapman, Floyd G. "Red"
Chapman, John J.
Chapman, Rufus Hardy
Chappel, David (Attorney)
Charninsky, Hyman
Cheney, Major
Chester, Jane Dumas
Chevallier, Charles (died in Courthouse 1917)
Childress, George Campbell
Chiles, Eddie
Chilton, Anne Willing Ryan
Chilton, Margaret "Muggye" Wynne Harrison
Chilton, William Ernest Jr.
Chisum, John Simpson
Chisum & Jones Families
Chorn, Beverlee Ann
Christopher, Carolyn
Churchill, Wendy Kent
Cirinclone, D. J. (Nick)
Clair, Johnny Fredrick
Clardy, Beth Lea
Clark, Billie Bransford
Clark Family (Randolph & Addison)
Clark, Hal
Clark, Mildred Mignon
Clark, Otis T.
Clark, P. C. (Dr.)
Clark Family (Randolph and Addison)
Clark, Ren
Clark, Sterling Price (Sheriff)
Clark, Tom C.
Clark, Mrs. W.D.
Clark, Winfield Scott (Attorney)
Clarke, Mary Whatley
Clarkson, Wiley G. (Architect)
Clawson, Cary (Artist)
Clay Family
Claypool, Lue Ann
Claypool, Sarah Margaret
Clayton, George R.
Clayton, Lily B.
Clements, Walter
Clemons, Heywood
Cleveland, Courts Kendall Jr.
Cliburn, Van
Clifton, Burton
Cline, J. Everett (Attorney)
Cloud, Mrs. Willie
Clounch, Roy M.
Clover, Geraldine Bradshaw
Cluck, Mrs. Elwood
Coates, Dan O.
Coates, Dan W.
Coats, Burch D.
Cobb, Clarence
Cobden, Alexander
Cobden, Charles A.
Cobden, Florence
Coble Family
Coble, William
Coburn, Gary Lee
Coburn, Marguerite "Marge"
Cochran, Cayce Brixley
Cochran, Dr. Irad
Cody, Samuel Franklin
Coffey, Judge Frank D.
Coffey, Frank G.
Coffey, Jane McGregor
Coffey, Frank D.
Coffey, Mimi (Attorney)
Coffey, Pauline Hedrick
Coggin, James Earl
Coggin, Mr. & Mrs. William Carl
Coker, Barbara
Colbert, Thelma Quince (Attorney)
Colby, Betty Beggs Bevan
Cole, Cecil M.
Cole, Edwin Louis
Cole, Judy
Cole, Larry
Cole, Vera Eleanor
Coleman, Bessie
Coleman, Thomas Joseph
Collett, George R.
Collett, Captain James Hamilton
Colley, William A.
Colley, William D. "Bill"
Colley, William Tyler
Collier, Dick
Collier, Henry Ward Jr.
Collier, Jack
Collier, John B. Jr.
Collier, Ruth B.
Collins, Bertha
Collins Family
Collins, Jackie
Collins, Janet
Collins, Margaret Binkley
Collins, Margaret "Peggy" Chiles
Collins, Judge Marvin
Collins, Ted Jr.
Collins, Warren "Rip" L.
Collins, Whitfield James (Attorney)
Collins, William Wheat Jr.
Collins, William Wolcott
Connally, John
Conner Family (Joseph Wright)
Connery, C. W.
Cook, Walter G. (Attorney)
Cooke, Judge C.C. "Kit"
Cooper, Lonnell
Cooper, Robert Lee
Corbett, Bradford G.
Corn Family
Cosby, Judge Don
Couch Family
Courtright, "Jim"
Couts Family
Cowan, Sam Houston
Cox, Jimmie
Cramer, Judson Arnold "Jud"
Cree, Thomas
Creecy, Jesse
Creed, Augustus R.
Creed Family
Crocker, Toy Armel (Attorney)
Crouch, Judge A.L.
Crowder, Larry (Artist)
Cribbs, Hattie Bell Reeves
Crowley, Judge George Allen
Crumley, Frank E.
Culberson, Charles Allen
Cummings, Judge C.C.
Cummings, Dawn
Cunningham, Judge Joe Bruce
Cure, Harry Lee (Attorney)
Currey, Dr. Virginia
Curry, Tim (District Attorney)
Currey Family
Curtis, Chase
Dacus, James A.
Dacus, Mel
Dade, Albert
Daffa, Katie
Daggett, Charles
Daggett, E.M. (Bud)
Daggett Family
Daggett, Henry Clay
Daggett, Laura Palmer
Daiches, Joe
Dally, Scott
Dalton, Garland
Dalton, J. O.
Dancinger, Dan
Daniel Family
Daniels, Dorothy
Darden, Ida Mercedes Muse
Darden, William
Darnell, Nicholas Henry
Darter Family
Daulton, Anna May
Dauphinot, Judge Lee Ann
Davidson, Dan
Davidson, Sam
Davidson, William
Davis, Judge Clifford
Davis, Cullen
Davis, Dick Ellis
Davis Family
Davis, Fannie
Davis, Judge Fred
Davis, George
Davis, Hollis
Davis, Jack D.
Davis, Jay Fred Sr.
Davis, Kenneth William Sr.
Davis, Mitzi
Davis, Mitzi (Nancy Ann)
Davis, Opal
Davis, Priscilla
Davis, Quintuplets
Davis, Robert
Davis, Robert Albert
Davis, Rosemary Willeford
Davis, Wendy
Davis, William S. "Bill"
Day, Dorris
Day Family
Day, Glenn
Day, Judge Sam
Dayton (Dayton’s Antiques)
Deacon Family
Deacon, William Douglas
Dean, Lois
Dean, Ruby
Deats, Susan
Decker, Robert W. (Attorney)
Deckler, Edna
Deen, Betty
Deen, Clara
Deen, Edgar
Deen, Edith
Degrazier, Joe
Denny, Judge Fisher T.
Denton, Joe
Devitt, P. M.
Dewald, Leon
Dews, Rabon
Dickenson Family
Dike Family
Dingee, Mabel Eugene Crum
Ditto, Ruth
Dixon, Elizabeth
Dixon, Elmo
Dodson, L. Don
Donohue, Pete
Doster, Martha J. Violet
Drago, Judge Joe
Drewry, Robert M.
Driscoll, Clara
Dromgoole, Glenn
Dulle, Joe
Dunne Family, Grapevine
Dunlop Family
Dunlop, J. W.
Dunlop, Kevan
Dunnett Family
Dunning, Beatrice
Dunning, William Harris "Bill" Jr.
Dunton, W. Herbert (Artist)
Durie, Roy
Durkin, Catherin
Durkin, Joseph
Duvall, Judge J.C.
Eagle, Jacqueline
Earl Family
Earle Family
Earle, Ronnie (Attorney)
Easter, Thomas
Eastman, Rudolph
Eastwood, Ethel
Eaton, Lucille
Eaton, Thelma
Eberhart, Brenda
Echols Family
Echols, Walker
Echols, William Walker (Architect)
Eddleman Family
Eden, Bob
Eden, Bobby
Edmondson, Jack
Edrington, Florence
Edrington, W. R.
Edwards Family
Eggleston, Lucille
Eggleston, Tiney
Eidman, S. O.
Eidson, Harry
Eidson, Judge Joe
Eisenman, David
Ekstrom, Mozelle
Elam, Lawrence
Elder, James P.
Eldridge, Frank
Elkins, Nora Lee Boaz
Elliott, Ada
Elliott, William J.
Ellis, Joe B.
Ellis, M. G. (Merida)
Ellis, Ruth Cargill
Ellison, T. B.
Elliston, Frank
Elliston, John
Elliston, Mortimer
Ellman, Tobia Miller
Elser, Frank Ball
Elser, Maximilian
Emerson, Mammie
Emmons, Sylvia F. Souder
Endress, Margaret
Endress, Virginia M.
England, James Ruel
England, Mary Parker
Engleman, Dorothea M.
English, Harold R.
Enis, Gloria Ann
Ensley, Ruby R. 
Eppes, Harold R.
Erwin Family
Esch, Grainger
Esenwin, Fred
Estes Family
Estes, Thomas J. (Confederate Pension Application, Arlington)
Estill, Mrs. C. C.
Estill Family
Eudaly, Ernest
Eudaly Family
Euless, Elisha A.
Euless, Elisha Adam
Eurika, Leonard
Evans & Stevens Families
Evans, Bertha
Evans, Brice
Evans, Celestene Wansley
Evans, Judge David (Attorney)
Evans, Gertrude
Evans, James
Evans, Lon
Evans, Marion
Evans, Pat
Evans, Mrs. R. D.
Evans, Sam
Evetts, Joye
Evins, Jean
Ewing, Mr. & Mrs. John
Ezell, Don Dearl
Fagan, Homer
Fagin, Sara
Fannin, Oliver William (Attorney)
Faram, Dick Dee
Farkas, Frank
Farmer Family
Farrar Family
Farrar Family (Charles Ross)
Farrar, Sidney
Farrell Family
Farrell, Isham
Farrell, Jacob Leo
Farrell, Mollie
Feild Family
Felder, Vada
Fender, Ames (Architect)
Fender, Judge Howard
Fender, Marcia
Fenoglio Brothers
Ferchill, Judge Pat
Ferrier Family
Ferrier, Richard (Architect)
Ferris, John
Fiihr, Michael E.
Fikes, Scott
Fillingin, Dan
Finlan, Owen
Finley, Beckey & Dee
Finley Family
Finley, Lanie A. (Attorney)
Finn, Thomas O'Brien
Fisch, Bert
Fisher, Michael E.
Fisher, Victor Eugene
Fisk, Aubry
Fitch, Miss
Fitch, Mrs. Nora & Nee Bobo
Fitch, Walter
Fitch, William
Fitzgerald, Ed
Flemmons, Jerry
Flanagan  Edna Marion ("Crackers the Clown")
Flatt, Donald
Fleming, Bessie Massey
Fletcher Family
Flores, David
Flournoy, Robert Willis (Attorney)
Foley, Patrick
Fondren Family
Foote, Rev. Gaston
Foreman, Charlie
Forshey, Judge Beverly
Forsythe, Joe
Forsythe, John
Fortson, Kay
Foster Brothers
Foster Family
Foster Family (Mansfield)
Foster, Joe
Fournier, Andre Jr.
Foust, J. E.
Foust, Lillie
Fowler, Judge Marge
Fox, Rabbi
Fraley, Jayne Trigg
Franklin, Dr. M.B.
Franko, Norbert
Fransico, Dorothy
Frantz, Joe B.
Frazier, Emily Moore
Frazier, Emily
Frazior, Everett (Architect)
Freear Family
Freed Family
Freeland Family
Freeman Family (John A.)
Freeman Family (Alphonso)
Freeman Family
Freeman, Jay
Freese Family
French Family
French, Mary
Friedman, Harry Bayard
Friedman, Hans
Frost, Doris
Fulbright, Donald
Full, Gillian
Fuller, James
Fuller, W. G.
Fuqua, Babe
Fuqua, Charles
Gaby, Leta Mae
Gachman, Eleanor
Gage, Duane
Gage Family
Gaines, Charles
Gaines, Samuel M.
Galier, Victor (Architect)
Galloway, Margaret
Gambill, Lawton G. (Attorney)
Gambrell Family (Randle)
Gandy, Taylor (Attorney)
Gano, Richard M.
Garber, William
Garcia, Juanita
Gardner,  Judge Anne (Attorney)
Gardner, Lotta
Garrett Family (Rufus)
Garrett Family (Smithfield)
Garrett, Gavin
Garrett, George
Garrett, Jenkins (Attorney)
Garrett, Julia
Garrett, Julia Kathryn
Garrett, Kathleen
Garrett, Peggy
Garrett, R.W.
Garrison, Earl Ray
Garsek Family
Gartner, Candy
Gartner, Herman
Gay, Dr. Cleveland J.
Gaylord, Edward L.
Gearheart Family
Gearheart, Ginger
Gebert, Albert
Gentling, Scott
Gentling, Stuart
Gentry, Ownyel
George, Angelo
George, Evelyn
Georges, Irene
Geren, Preston Murdoch (Architect)
Geren, Mrs. Preston
Gerrard, Robert
Getzendaner, Mrs.
Gevers, Mrs.
Gibbons, Juliette
Gibbs, Barnett
Gibbs, Robert Webb
Gibson, Beryl Steele
Giddens Family
Gideon, Randy
Gieb Family & Business
Gilbert, L. G.
Gill, Judge Bob
Gill, Smith
Gillepsie, Louis
Gillepsie, Oscar William
Gillfillan, Mary
Gilligan, John
Gilliland, Marchie
Gilliland, Zach
Gillis, Catherine
Gilmore, Bill
Gilmore, Seburn
Gilmore, Ted
Gilstrap, C.B. "Chena"
Ginsberg, Jeanette
Ginsberg, Marcus
Ginsburg, Marcus (Attorney)
Ginsburg, Martine Heilbron
Ginsburg, Robert L. (Attorney)
Giordano, John
Giordano, Mildred
Gladden, Don (Attorney)
Gladney, Edna
Glen-Walker, W.
Glasscock, Daniel
Godhey, Vance
Gooch, J. a. "Tiny"
Goodfellow, John J.
Goodjion, Robert C.
Goodman, Ethel
Goodnight, Charles
Goodspeed, Frank
Goodwin, Ralph W.
Goodyear, Edna
Googins, Bess
Googins Family
Googins, Harry
Googins, Ruth
Gordon, Jack
Gordon, W. K.
Goss, Winifred
Gould, Lorena
Gouldly, James Erwin
Gouldy, Averill
Gouldy, Mabel
Gouldy, Rosemary
Gouldy, Ted
Gounnah, J. E. Martin
Grable, Billy
Grace, William
Gracey, Mary Ann
Graham, Col. Edwin. S.
Graham, Dr. Howard
Graham, Officer Joe V.
Graham, Mayme
Graham, Norris
Graham, Spencer
Grammer, John
Grammer, Nathaniel
Grammer, Sally
Granger, Kay A.
Granger, William
Graves, John
Gray, Eunice
Gray, Judge Gordon
Grayson, Charles O.
Greathouse, Mary Lou
Green, Henry
Green, Henry S. Jr.
Green, Howard
Greene, A. C.
Greenwall, Phillip
Greenwell Family
Gregory, Rev. Joel
Gregory, Stella
Gressman, Sonja Chicotsky Glazer
Griffin, Harriet
Griffin, J. Rob
Griffin, Col. James B.
Griffin, John Howard
Grimsley, James S.
Gross, Leon
Gross, Mrs. Leon
Growald, Dick (Journalist)
Growald, Martin (Architect)
Grunewald Family
Guin, Lettie
Guinn, Jeff
Gunion, Jack
Gwozdz, Richard
Haas, Melvin
Hackney, Fannie Bell
Hackney, John William
Hackney, Mary Arwine
Haddaway, Arthur Sherman (Attorney)
Haddaway, Elizabeth
Haddock, Marcus
Hadley, C. P.
Hagler, David Fred
Hagman, Larry
Hahn, Jerry
Hailey, Henry
Haines, Marie
Haire, Mrs.
Halbower, Kathryn Johns
Halden, Ruby Jo
Hale, Frances
Hale, Robert
Haley-Cannon Family
Hall, Colby D.
Hall Family (Alexander)
Hall, Frank & Dorothy
Hall, Mrs. J. J.
Hall, Jess
Hall, Lanny
Hall, Lucille
Hall, Joanne
Hallford, A. J.
Hallford, Rev. A. J.
Hallford, Jesse
Hallmark Family (Herman Troy)
Halsell, Grace
Haltom Family
Hames, Reva
Hamil Family
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, Paul
Hamlin, William P.
Hammack, John Edmund
Hammer, Patricia
Hammond, Effie
Hammond, James
Hammond, L.M. (material filed under William M. Trimble; fellow first co-principal "UTA")
Hancock, Dain
Hancock Family
Hancock, Orville
Hanger Family
Hanger, William A. (Attorney)
Hanna, Roy
Harbison, Dixon
Hardeman, Wesley
Harden, Thaddeus Edgar (Architect)
Hardesty, Charles
Hardgrave, Jerry W.
Hardin, George
Hardin, Lester
Hardin, William Henry
Harding, Mary
Harding, R. Ellison
Harman, Doug
Harper, Charles B.
Harper, Henry Jefferson Jr.
Harper, Terrell (Architect)
Harrell Family
Harrell, H. L.
Harrell, T. J.
Harrington, Georgia Etta
Harrington, Paul David
Harrington, Ryan
Harris, Abe
Harris, Charles
Harris, Don
Harris, Eleanor
Harris, George L.
Harrison, Gayle
Harrison, Lenore C.
Harrison, William
Harriss Family (see Named Collection, Mrs. Bert Harriss Collection)
Harrold, E. B.
Harth-Bedoya, Miguel
Harvey, William Y. (Bill)
Harvery, W. W.
Harwell, Elton
Hatfield, Commodore Basil Muse
Havard, Gary (Architect)
Hawes, Lowman Locke
Hawkins, Albert
Hawkins Family
Haworth, Rita
Haye, Jim
Hayes, Robert Lee
Haygood Family
Hayne, Al
Haynes, Richard (Attorney)
Haywood Family
Hazelwood, Don
Hazelwood, Juell
Head, Clara
Head, James Leath
Hearne Family
Hebert, Felix
Hebert, George Sr.
Hebert, Ray A.
Hedgcoth, W. B.
Heinecke, Harry
Henckels, Ann
Henckels, Fernanda Munn
Henckels, Kellog
Henckels, Kirk
Henderson, Bryan
Henderson Family
Henderson, Luther
Henderson, Shelly K.
Henderson, Thomas
Hendricks Family
Henry, Allen N.
Henshaw, Clyde V. Jr.
Henslee, Jack (Artist)
Hensley Family
Herchet, Robert
Hernandez, Francisco (Attorney)
Hernandez, Juan
Hewitt, Mrs. Nellie
Hewitt, Philip
Heyer, Anna
Hickey, Dave
Hickman, Holt
Hicks Family (Maryellen, Kathleen)
Hicks, Marion Lawrence
Hicks, Mary W.
Hicks, Maryellen (Judge)
Hicks, Sopora
Hicks, Tom
Hickson, Glenn
Higbee Family (and Hildreth Family)
Hightower, Irma
Hightower, Watt Vander
Higley, Luella
Hildreth Family - see Higbee
Hill Family
Hill, George P.
Hill, Harold
Hill, Helen
Hill, Lillard
Hillard, Charlie
Hillard, Shirley
Hilliard, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Ray
Hilscher, Margaret Bell
Himes, Luther Jr.
Himes, Luther R.
Hinckley, Herbert
Hinkle, James
Hinton, J. M.
Hirschfield Family
Hirstine, Myrtle Blessing
Hitch Family
Hix, Bill
Hoaldridge, H. F.
Hobbs, Joseph Alexander
Hobbs, Robert
Hoch, Tom
Hochster, Ernest
Hodge, Thomas Frederick Jr.
Hodges Family
Hoffman, Dalton Paul
Hoffman, Dianne Corder
Hoffman, Kenneth
Hogan, William Benjamin "Ben"
Hogg Family
Hogg, Ima
Hogg, John
Hogg, John Collier
Hogsett Family
Holden, Glenn M.
Holland, Barney
Holland, Elizabeth Davis
Holland Family
Holland, John Murphy
Holland, Rhenea
Holleman, Ed
Holliday, Rev. C.A.
Hollis, Chester
Hollis, Paul
Holloway, H. C.
Holloway, Col. H. C.
Holman, Judge Dixon
Holman Family
Holmes, Dwight (Architect)
Holmes Family
Holmes, Ginny
Homer, Ladon W.
Honea, Bert
Honnet, Norman Vaughn
Hook, S. W. A.
Hooper, Vesta Brown
Hope, Bob
Hopkins, Archibald W.
Hopkins, Lawrence Don & Frances
Horne, Katharyn
Hosey, Judge George
Hoskins, Larry J. (Architect)
Houdini, Harry
House, Boyce
House, Sarah Frances
Houston, Catherine Marie
Houston Family
Houston, L. G.
Houston, Sam
Hovencamp, Mrs. Ed
Howard, Bernice Banks
Howard  Family
Howard, Gerald
Howard, W. Elray
Howe, Robert Crozier
Howeth, Allen
Howell, John
Howell, John Stinson
Howsley, Andrew M.
Howze, Hamilton Hawkins
Howze, Mary Henry
Huckabee, John
Hudgins Family
Hudgins Family (Grapevine)
Hudson Family
Hudson Family (Kennedale)
Huffman Family (Euless)
Huey, Dr. Mary Evelyn
Hughes, Dr. Ann
Hughes Family
Hughes, Judge Sara T.
Huges, Robert
Hulen, General John A.
Hulme, Etta
Humble Family
Humphries Family (see Named Collection, Sharon E. Gammon)
Hunter Family
Hurley, Aubrey "Honey"
Hurley, Michael C.
Hurst Family (William Ellison)
Hurst Family (William Letchworth)
Hutchison Family
Hyer, Judge Julien C.
Ikard, Bose
Iles, Elizabeth
Ince, Grover C.
Inge, Maggie
Ingraham, Helen Wright
Ingram, Doris Allene Davidson
Inman, Doug
Ipser, Edward Anthony Sr.
Irvine, Stanley Wray (Architect)
Isbell Family
Isbell, Mrs. Paul
Iverson, Marie
Ivory, David Allen
Jack, Christy (Attorney)
Jackson, George
Jackson, Nelda
Jacobsen, James A.
Jacobson, Patricia
Jacobsen, Wyneth
Jahn, Charles Henry
James, Carrie
James, Jesse
James, Jo Ann
James, John Hatcher (Jack)
Jameses, William W.
Jara, Manuel
Jarnagin, Carol (Attorney)
Jarvis Family
Jary, William E. Jr.
Jenkins, Dan (Journalist)
Jennings Family
Jensen, Ronald
Jernigan Family
Jimenez, Raul
Jinks, Emory
Johansen. Deborah Lynn
Johndroe, Gordon
Johnson, Alfred D.
Johnson, Betty
Johnson, C. E.
Johnson, Christopher
Johnson, Dr. Clay
Johnson, Clay Jr.
Johnson, J. L.
Johnson, J. D. (County Commissioner)
Johnson, Julianne
Johnson, Katie
Johnson, Kirk
Johnson, Mary Shirley
Johnson, Middleton Tate
Johnson, Norma
Johnson, Paul Raymond
Johnson, Phillip (Architect)
Johnson, Sheila
Johnson, Stella
Johnson, Veda
Jones, Bob
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Enoch
Jones, Farris E.
Jones, Frank
Jones, Jesse Holman
Jones, John Wesley (Architect)
Jones, Mrs. Jo Buck (Dora Davenport Jones)
Jones, Lewis Westmorland
Jones, Maye
Jones, Morgan
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Pinka
Jones, Richard Davenport
Jones, Robert
Jones, Scranton
Jones, Worley
Jonsson, J. Erik
Jordan Family
Jordan, Henry
Jordan, Jerry
Jordan, Joe
Joseph, Chief (Cherokee)
Joyce Family
Joyner, Arista
Juran, Mary
Justin, John Jr.
Kahle, Jean
Kahn, Louis (Architect)
Kane, Edd
Kann, Margaret
Kantor, Ruby
Karbach, Armin
Karr, Barrett
Kassel, Dorothy
Katz, Joan
Kaufmann, Nancy
Kaufmann, Walter (Chef)
Kearby, Neel E.
Kearney, Jeff (Attorney)
Keating, Geoffrey
Keeton, Joe
Keis, Judge Brent
Keith, Ben E.
Keith, Darrell (Attorney)
Kellenberger, B.J.
Keller, Judge Sharon
Kelley, Gordon Milford
Kelly, Dee J. (Attorney)
Kelly, George
Kelly, Joan
Kelly, Josephine D.
Kelly, Raymond
Kelso, R. M.
Kelton, Elmer
Kelton, Horace Broome
Kelton, Jane Mathes
Kemble, Mary
Kemble, W. S.
Kempe, Allan
Kennard, Donley C.
Kennedy Family
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, President John F.
Kennon, Isham G.
Kent, Frank
Kent, Jean
Kerr Family
Kerry, Henry E. (Attorney)
Khan, Aslam
Kidd, Frank
Kies, Gloria
Kiley, Cavanough
Kilinski, Karl
Kilpatrick, Donald
Kilpatrick, Kwame
Kimbell, Kay
Kimble, Roy H.
Kimerer, Perry
Kimsey, Dorothy
Kinch, Sam
King Family (see Barentine Family)
King, Fred
King, Mrs. J. P.
King, John Porter
King, Luther
King, Mollie
King, Ray Holden
King, Ross
King, Steven (Attorney)
King, Virginia Farrell
Kitchens, C. T. Jack
Kittel, Mary
Kivlin, Cole
Klabzuba, John
Klabzuba, Robert Ernest
Klein, Harold
Klein, Margaret
Klein, Walter
Kleinheinz, John
Klimst, Dave
Kline, Arthur
Klingenberg, Elmo
Klug, Billie
Knapp, Peg Abbey
Knepper, Noah
Koberg, Ruth
Kock, Rev. Ivor
Koehn, William
Koeppe, David (Architect)
Koeppe, Earl E. (Architect)
Komatsu, Albert (Architect)
Komatsu Family
Kopecky, Donald Dan
Kornfield, Lewis
Korth Family
Koslow, Robert D.
Kovacs, Mrs. Julia
Kraddick, David (Kidd)
Kraft, Clarence
Kraus, Lili
Kring, Frank Henry
Krouse, Suzanne Marie Skolaut (Attorney)
Kuban, Joe
Kupferle, Nickolas Henry Jr.
Kupke, Rick
Kurachi , Steve
Kurosky, Mary Hurst
Kutch, Hilton S.
Kutch, Jeff
Kutilek, Paul
Kuykendall, Mona V.
Kyger, Mary Jo Marshall
Labatte, Olive Plowman
Labovitz, Mariam Loevy
Lacy, Lewis G.
Laczny, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest
Laczny, Martha
Ladd, Homer (Ladd Furniture Store)
Ladd, William T.
Laddy, Margie Ward
Ladley, W. W. "Bill"
Lagrave, Paul
Lake, Mary Sabina Daggett
Lale Family
Lamb Family
Lamb, Robert & Maude
Lambert, Ireta Simons
Lambert, Louis
Lamensdorf Family
Lancarte, David Allen (Joe T. García Restaurant)
Lancaster, John L. Jr.
Land, Mrs. Marie
Landman, Sidney James
Landreth, E. A.
Landreth, Mary Adele Smith
Landreth, Virginia M.
Lane, Bill (Attorney)
Lane, Wesley I. Jr.
Lane, William R. (Architect)
Laneri, Carl Louis Sr. (O. B. Macaroni)
Laneri Family (O. B. Macaroni)
Laneri, John B.
Laneri, Mrs. John B.
Laneri, John Philip Sr. (O. B. Macaroni)
Laneri, Louis (O. B. Macaroni)
Laneri, Viola Faye Williams
Lanham, Edwin Moultrie, Jr.
Lanham Family
Lankford, Eugene "Gene", Jr.
Large Family
Larry, Yale
Larsen, Al
Lassiter, Newton H.
Lassiter, Sarah Elizabeth Newton (Mrs. William Davis)
Lattimore, Mrs. Glenn
Laughlin, William Parker
Lauritzen, William Arthur
Law, Thomas H. (Attorney)
Lawless, Larry Kent
Lawrence, Edward M.
Lawrence, Dr. Kenneth Todd
Lawrence, Robert Decker
Lay, Herman W.
Lazo, Joe M. Sr.
Leake, Paul
Leary, William L. "Bill"
Leathem, Tom
Leatherbury, Rev. Jphn R.
Lechner, Walter William
Leddy, James
Ledel, Patrick Thomas
Lee, Dale Timothy Sr. "D. T."
Lee, Helen
Lee, Opal
Lee, Sylvia Odessa
Lefler Family
Legorreta, Victor (Architect)
Legg, Jim
Legget, Lester
Legget, Rufus Lester
Leggett, Harold
Leggett, Helen Gavrel (Majestic Liquor)
Leggett, James Jr. (Majestic Liquor)
Lehane, Josephine
Lehmann, Naomi Rosalie Hall
Lehrman, Judge Debra H.
Leifeste, Sam A.D.
Leigh, Mrs. Hazel Vaughn
LeMond, Robert H. (Architect)
Leonard Family
Lephiew, Lois
Lesok, Kathryne Elizabeth
Levinson, Harry H.
Levitan, Rebecca Klimist
Levy, Dan Ashton
Levy, Danna Mehl
Lewis, A. V. Jr. (Delores Steele)
Lewis, Alice Marie
Lewis, Del Hudson
Lewis, George A.
Lewis, Gib
Lewis, John Miller
Lewis, Leon
Lewis, R. F. "Dick"
Liedke, Hugo E.
Lightfoot, William L. "Bill"
Ligon, Cora Jennings
Ligon, Frank E.
Ligon, Joseph Moses
Lilly, Albert A.
Lilly, Bob
Lincoln, Kelley
Lindsey, Forrest
Lindsey, Geoffrey
Line, Rodger N.
Linnabery Family
Linscott, John L.
Linton, Josephine
Lipscomb, Bobby
Lipscomb Family
Lipscomb, Henry D.
Lipscomb, Kleber Vanzandt
Lipscomb, Paul Mudge
Lipscomb, Mrs. Pearl
Lipscomb, Priest
Lipscomb, Stewart, Morrow Family
Lipshitz, Louise Klar
Liston, Mrs. James (Nancy Hanks)
Little Family
Little, John Bryant
Little, Mack L.
Littlejohn, Calvin
Littleton, Moses L.
Lively, Mary Frances Dyer
Llewellyn, John Crawford, "J. C." or "Jack"
Lochridge Family
Loffland, Barbara Middleton
Loffland, Frances Johnston
Loffland, Pamela (Murder)
Loftis, Linda (Mrs. O. G. Tobias)
Lofton, John Thaddeus
Logan, Louise Burgess
Logan, Maude Irene Nicholson
Long, Owen D. "Doug"
Loock, Dr. Christine
Lopez, Ramon
Lotter, Bruce
Loud, John F.
Louden, Harry Malcolm
Love, William Lewis
Loving Family
Loving, Kathryn Edwards
Lovitto, Joseph Jr.
Lowdon, Maria Matala
Lowdon, Mary
Lowdon, Robert Rutherford Jr.
Lowe, Erma Lee Good
Lowe, Mary Ralph
Lowe, Richard L.
Lowry, William James
Lowthorp, Kathy
Loyd, M. B.
Lucas, Barbara "Tad"
Lucas Family
Lucas, James A.
Lucas, Margaret
Lucas, Tad
Luckett, Alfred P.
Ludington, John F.
Luibel, Francis Joseph
Luibel, Mary Edwina Larmoyeux
Lukeman, Robert Patrick
Luna, Ed
Lunger, Rev. Harold L.
Lupton, C. A.
Luskey, Bennie
Luskey, Edward
Luskey, Henry Lee
Luskey, Lois Jean Hirsch, and Henry Lee
Luskey, Louise Burgess
Luskey, Sylvia Schiff
Luskie, John Ronald "Ronn"
Lutes, Alta & Allie, Hurst Family
Luther, Patsy Cantrell
Luz, Emily Jane Ebert
Lydick, Mrs. Joe
Lyle, Dorothy Bowers
Lyles, Dr. Sanders Truman
Lynch, Delmer R. "Doc"
Lynch, Joseph (Marine Pilot)
Lynn, Dottie
Lydon, John
Lyons, Mrs. John F.
Lyons, Lucile Manning
Maberry, Robert
Mabry, Edwin
Macchia, Harriet Katherine
Macchia, Joseph D.
MacDonald, Robert
Mace, Elizabeth Harrison
Mack, Bill
Mack, Norma Harris
Madden, A. J.
Maddox Family
Maddox Family (Walter T. - see also Bilheimer)
Maddox, Harrold
Maddox, Thomas Benton & Family
Madera, Elbert Morris "Jack"
Madison, James
Magness, B. Don
Magnus, Werner & Alix
Marnussen, William Richie
Mahon, Judge Eldon B.
Mahoney, Joan
Makarwich, Carsky Carroll "Corky" Jr.
Makarwich Family
Makers of Fort Worth
Malcolm, Frances P.
Maldonado, Amador
Mallick, Edna Mallouf
Malloy, Aileen W.
Malone, Bobby
Maloney, Jack Jr.
Manning, E. Claude
Manning, Franciel Petitfils
Manning, L. M. Jr.
Manny, Gary J.
Manos, Jarid
Marek, Ann
Marion, Anne
Markgraf, Paul E. Jr.
Markum, Burrell L. "Buddie"
Markum, Irene Kelso
Markum, Matt F. Sr.
Markwad, M. Forrest (Attorney)
Marlin, Gwendolyn Trapman
Marsh, William J.
Marshall, Lewis H.
Marshall, Charles E.
Martel, Evalyn
Martel Family
Martin, Abe
Martin, Adelene
Martin, Adelle R.
Martin, Eleanor
Martin, Harold
Martin, Harvey
Martin, Jesse
Martin, Lillian
Martin, Lizzie
Martin, Mary
Martin, Paul
Martin, W. Clarke
Marton, Ilona
Mason, Paul C.
Massey, Charles Herbert Jr.
Massey, Judge Frank
Massey, Lesly
Massey, Sidney
Massie, J. J.
Massie, W. M.
Mastin, Joan
Mastin, Thomas
Mastin, Thomas F.
Mathes, Curtis Jr.
Mathes, George Curtis
Mathes, Kelton
Mathews, Judge Byron
Mathews, Judge W.W.
Matlock Family
Matlock, Ruth
Matson, Randy
Mauk, Rosie
Maurice, Elsie
Max, Catherine
Maxey, Case
Maxwell, Ethel Lucas
May, Ellis
Mayes, Archie
Mayes, Nona Alice
Mayfield, Cecil
Mayfield, T. J.
Maynard, Ethel Scott
Mays, Charles
McAdams, J. A.
McAdams, Jerry
McAdoo, Tiffney
McAlister, Isiah C.
McAllister, Lewis
McAllister, William T. "Bill"
McBrayer, Staley
McBride, James O.
McBride, Mr. & Mrs. S. B.
McBryde, Judge John
McCafferty, Charlie
McCafferty, Charles Burton
McCafferty, Sue
McCain Family
McCall, Patricia Dean Boswell
McCart, Robert
McCarthy, Mary Ellen
McClain, Roy
McClary, A. J.
McClary, Jones
McCleary, Henry
McClendon, Homer Pierce
McClung, John Paul
McClure, Harold
McClure, Leslie
McCormick, Bennie Lionel
McCormick, Willie Mae
McCoy, Judge Bob
McCrary, I. N.
McCurry, James C.
McDaniel, Hester
McDaniel, L. H. Jr.
McDavid, David
McDavid, Stacie
McDavid, William
McDonald Clan (Donald)
McDonald, Dan
McDonald, William Madison
McDowell, James Edwin
McEachern, James D.
McElwee, Beniti Veronica
McElyea, R. G.
McFarland, Diane
McFarland, George
McFarland, James P.
McFarland, Louise
McFarland, Vina Burch
McGinley, Grace Genevieve
McGinley, J. M.
McGlinchey, Alexander Herbert
McGown, Grey and Suzanne
McGown, George Q. (Attorney)
McGown, Laurie
McGrath, Judge Bob
McGuire, John A.
McGuire, Robert G.
McKinney, F. B.
McKinney, Helen O'Donnell
McKinney, Kenneth Lee
McKnight, Alfred (Architect)
McLaury, W. R. (Attorney)
McLean Family
McLeroy, Loyce
McNair, Cal
McPeak Family
McRae Family
McRoberts, Lucy
Meachem, Arthur
Meachem, W. A.
Meadows, Bill
Meadows, Patricia "Patti" (Attorney)
Medellin, Jesus Martin Antonio
Medlin Family (Settlement)
Meeker, Larry
Meeks, Laverne
Mehl, B. Max
Meier, Bill (Senator)
Meihaus, George
Meihaus, Margaret
Melbourn, Mary
Melear Family
Mellina, George
Mendenhall, Corwin Guy
Menefee, Joe
Menzing, Robert LeRoy
Meredith, Don
Merrill, Frances Spiller
Mewbourn, Bryan
Mexia, Jose Antonio
Miller Family (see Barentine Family)
Miller, Jim
Miller, Marvin
Miller, Roger Dean
Millican, Clyde
Minnick, Cheyenne
Mitchell Family
Mitchell Family (Samuel)
Mize, Walter G.
Mock, John Lewis
Moncrief Family
Moncrief, Mike
Moncrief, Samuel G.
Monnig Family
Moody Family
Moor, Judge Scott
Moore, Elijah (Buster)
Moore, John R.
Moore, Dr. and Mrs. J. A.
Moore, Jimmye
Moore, M. H.
Moore, Robert E.
Morgan, Rev. James N.
Morrison, Dr. Francine
Morrow, Robert E.
Morse, H. H.
Morton Family
Morton, Venable
Moseley, Milton M. (Architect)
Moses, Beverly Ruth Cohen
Muhlinghaus Family
Mulkey Family
Murray, Judge Charles
Murrin Family
Myers, Mary Anetta Stone
Myers, Mary Stone
Nail Family
Nan, Lawther
Nance, L. E.
Napier, Lisa
Nash Family
Nast, Thomas
Naumer, Helmuth
Navratilova, Martina
Needham, Grace Gayle
Neeley, Kathleen
Neeley, M. J.
Neely, Harold
Neiman, Abraham Lincoln (Al)
Nelson, A. J .
Nelson, Andy
Nelson, Byron
Nelson, Gerald
Nelson, Willie
Nesbit, RicNettleton, Alberta Ingram
Nesbit, Harold
Newberry, William Bohning
Newby, Brian (Attorney)
Newby, Etta
Newkirk, James Ernest
Newman, Charles
Newman, Henry L. (Hank)
Newport, Frank
Newsom, Vernon
Nichols, J. W.
Nichols, John
Nichols, Julian Theodore
Nichols, Mariann
Nida, William
Niendoff, James
Nikkel, Vernon
Niles, L.V.
Noah, Jim
Noble, Charles
Noble, Charlie Mary
Nolen, C.C. "Jitter"
Nolley, Kathy
Norfleet, Frank
Norris, J. Frank
Norris, Wirt
North, James M.
Norton, A. B.
Norton, Mary Elsie
Norwood, Otis
Null, C. B.
Nunn, William Curtis
Nunnelly, Fannie
Oakley Family
O'Brien, Stephen Murrin
O'Connell, Suzanne
O'Daniel, W. Lee
Odom, A. T.
Odum, S.T.
O'Donnell, Pearl Foster
Ogilve, Ava Maude
Ogle, Daired
O'Hara, Evelyn Clay "Lyn"
Ohendalski, John Lee
O'Kane, Joseph
O'Keefe Family (C. A.)
Oldfield, Barney
Olivares, Leticia Chavez
Olmsted, Tabitha
O'Neal, Cora Maud
O'Neall, Fred B.
O'Neill, Patsy Leaman
Oster, Sallie
Ostrako Family
Oswald, Lee Harvey
Outlaw, John Calhoun
Overton, W. H.
Owens, Bill
Owens, J. C.
Owens, Dr. May
Owens, William F. Jr.
Oxsheer, Thomas
Puryear, Samuel Clayton
Pace, Charles Glenn
Pace Family
Pace, J. C.
Page, Charles R.
Page, Uncle Jack
Page, Mrs. T. J.
Painter, Helen Watters
Palko, Steve
Palmer, Davis
Palmer, Frank Family
Palmore, Troy L.
Panzera, Al
Pardue, Imogene Wright
Park, Carolyn
Parker Texas History
Parker, Allison
Parker, Angela
Parker, Baldwin
Parker, Cynthia Ann
Parker, Earle N.
Parker, Edward A.
Parker Family (Parker County Founders)
Parker, H. O.
Parker, Judge Isaac
Parker, Margaret Halsell (Mrs. George)
Parker, Quanah
Parker, Quadruplets
Parker, Ruthie Young
Parker, S. M.
Parker, W. M. Robert (Judge)
Parker, Walter Earl
Parkman, Leon Livingsotn
Parks Family
Parks, Mrs. Una
Parmer, Hugh
Parr, Daniel C.
Parr, Horace Gregory
Parr, Martha Sue ("The Cat Lady")
Parr, Rufus Francis
Parrent, Everet Jasper
Parris Family (Joseph Edgar)
Parris, Shelli
Parrotino, Mike
Parsons, Olivia Sue Gardner
Paschal, Robert Lee (R. L.)
Pate, A. M.
Pate Family
Pate, J'nell
Pate, W. Collier
Patoski, Victor Albert
Patterson, George Washington Jr.
Patterson, Harold E.
Patterson, John A.
Paulsel Family
Paulsel, Leoti Margaret Johnson
Paulus, Perter John II
Pavlik, Linda
Pawley Family
Payne, Richard
Payte, Samuel Gene
Payton, A. M. "Abe" & Virginia May Fuller
Peace, Hazel Harvey
Peacock, Don
Peacock, J. D.
Peacock, Laura
Peacock, Suzanne Rall
Peak, Carroll
Peak Family
Peak, Juliet Fowler
Pearce, John Gaylord
Pease, Herbert
Peck, Wes
Peers Family
Pegram, Homer J. "Peg"
Pegues, Cordelia
Pendleton, Edna
Pendleton, W. S.
Penn, Olive Y. (Mrs. J. Roby)
Penn, Ona Astin Barwise
Penn, Virginia Honea
Penrose, Neville G.
Peppard, Mable Lea Collier
Perez, Judge Pete
Perkins, Alice Helen Runyan
Perkins, Claude Clayton M.D.
Perkins, Frank
Perkins, Minniebelle (Mrs. Max P.)
Perot, Ross Jr.
Perrone, Alice Ivelle
Perry, Herman Clyde
Perry, James Leonard
Perryman, Wynne Franklin
Peteet, Leona
Peters, Mrs. Charles Clifton, Seab Brookshire
Peters, Joe Sr.
Peters, Ted
Peters, Ted C.
Peterson, Judy
Peterson, R.J.
Peterson, Zoe Elaine Teel
Pettit, Mary Jo Gribi
Petty, Dan
Petty, James Martin Sr.
Pewitt, Edith Marie Hendrix
Philbin, Stephen (Attorney)
Phillip Family
Phillips, Mrs. Edwin T.
Phillips, Elaine Dickey
Phillips, James Henley III
Picht, Clyde
Pickard, Marjorie Louise Reed
Pickering, Margaret A. Adams
Pickett, Bill
Pierce, Jon Marshall
Pierrot, Eugene (artist)
Pierson, Donald Robert
Pierson, Grey (Attorney)
Piester, Ruby Lee
Pike, Dr. Kenneth
Pikkel, Blanche
Pikkel, Valentine
Pillsbury, Edmund "Ted" P.
Pillsbury, Ted C.
Pine, Edward Hutchinson
Pipes, Kasey
Pipkin, John
Pirkle, Bobby T.
Pirkle Family
Pirkle, Lorene
Pirkle, Mattie Enola
Pirkle, Willis Monroe
Pitner, Craton Guthrie
Pitner, Roy Mitchell
Pitstick, William J. "Bill"
Pittaway, Aryn
Pittman, Clyde Monroe & Iona Ruth Stow
Pittman, Jerry
Pittman, Willie Dee
Pitts, Jim
Pitts, Mary Josephine
Pitts, Oliver L.
Pitts, Viola
Platte, Claude R. (Tuskegee Airman)
Plette, Dana St. John
Plumlee, Bill
Plyler, Vickie Sue
Poe, Henderson
Poe, Mitch (Attorney)
Poellet, Charles Dale
Poff, H. Byran
Poindexter, David H. Jr.
Poindexter, Mrs. J. W.
Poindexter, Lola B. Fry
Poindexter, Mary Lee
Poindexter, Ruth Echols
Poindexter, Ruth Elaine
Pokluda, Aliene Bridges
Pokluda, Cecil Frank "Pokey"
Pokluda, William L.
Poland, Dan G.
Polk Family
Polk, John Vernon "Poppy"
Polster Family
Ponton Family
Pope, Kenneth (Bishop)
Pope, Lena Holston
Pope, Lenna
Popplewell, Ames Murphy
Porter, Katherine Anne
Porterfield, Austin L.
Portwood, Mrs. Adell A.
Post, Charles William
Post Family
Post, Charles W.
Post, Gurvis
Post, Marjorie Merriweather
Potishman, Beverly Foster
Potter, Beverly
Potter, Birdie
Potter, Helen Dee Stubbs
Potter, Dr. Marguerite
Potter, William "Bill" Sears
Potts, Annette Bellows
Powell, Blake
Powell, Bootz
Powell, Raborn & Velma
Powers, Bill & Bob
Powers, Mr. & Mrs. John
Powers, Katie Simmons
Powers, Lorna
Prather, Jerry
Pratt, Joseph S.
Prescott, Pauline Barnes
Presley, Elvis
Pressley, S. K.
Preston, Carter Lee
Price, Junior
Price, Lloyd E.
Price, Mary Ann
Priest, Dan H.
Priest, Mrs. Dan H.
Pringle, Brantley (Attorney)
Printz, George E.
Pritchard, Edward S. Jr.
Probst, Sarah Jo Lain
Procter, Ben
Proctor, Frank Jr.
Proffer, Elizabeth Youngblood
Proffitt, Drenin Reuel
Prothro, Elizabeth Perkins
Pruett, Randy
Pruitt, Mary Ann
Pruitt, Sterling H. Jr.
Pulido, Dionicia Marquez
Pulliam, Doren Bates
Pulliam, Myrtle M.
Pumphrey, John Boyce "Jay" III
Purvis, Duff H.
Purvis, Thompson Earl Jr.
Quayle, Susanna
Quayle, William
Radford, Harriman G.
Rady, Joe J.
Raimey, R. R.
Rainbolt, Eleanor Quinby Perry
Rainwater, Richard
Rall, Cary E. Jr.
Ralls, Leon Willis
Ralls, Virginia
Ramey, Dr. Curtis
Ramsdale, George Lafayette
Rand, Sally
Randle, Theron Allen & Eva Lee
Randol, R. A.
Randolph, Sheila (Attorney)
Rankin, David Henry Sr.
Ransom, Essie Mae Worke
Ransom, H. B.
Rapfogel, Morty
Ratcliff, Ben Francis
Ratcliff, Howard Thomas
Ratcliff, W. L.
Rattan Family
Rattikin, Annie Lea Sandel
Rawlings, L. Keith
Rawlings, Maurice
Ray, Cecil (Jr.)
Ray, Paul & Sarah
Ray, Paul Richard
Ray, Thelma Grace
Ray, W. C.
Raymond, Phillip Dean
Read, Anice
Read, Karl
Reagan, Judge John H.
Reaves, Ben Frank
Reaves, John Scott
Record, Gloria Sue Gathings
Record, Phil
Reed Family
Reed, William L.
Reed, Virgil C. Sr.
Reeder, Curtis Clifford
Reeves, George Franklin
Reeves, Georgia
Reeves, Guy
Reeves, James R.
Reeves, William
Reich, Bruno
Reichenstein, Jack
Reilly, Thomas William Jr.
Reimers, C. D.
Rencurrel, Richard H.
Renfro, E. T.
Renfro, Elmer
Reno, Jim
Reynolds, Clarece Beecher Bell
Reynolds Family
Reynolds, George T.
Reynolds, Jeanette
Reynolds, Tom
Reynolds, Wallace
Reynolds, Walter
Rhodes, Ann L.
Rhodes Family
Rhodes, Mary Sears
Rhome Family
Richards, E. A.
Richards, John G.
Richards, John Giddings
Richards, Larry G.
Richardson, George L.
Richardson, Gertrude Byers
Richardson, James Joseph Jr.
Richardson, S. L.
Richardson, Sid Williams
Ricker Estate
Ricketts, Mr. & Mrs. Milton R. Sr.
Riddle, Cynthia
Ridings, Freddie Williams
Rike, Raymond
Riley, Gail
Riley, Lanham
Riley, Mitzi Lucas
Riley, Polly
Riley, William Kent
Roach, John
Roach, John V.
Roach, Joyce
Roane Family
Roark, Robert
Robb, Drucilla Jane Greenhaw
Robbins, Norman Sr.
Robbins, Reg
Roberts Family
Roberts, Frank
Roberts, James
Roberts, James Carlos Sr.
Roberts, Len
Robertson, Empresario Sterling Clack
Robichaux, Todd
Robinette Family
Robinson, Archibald
Robinson, D. W.
Robinson Family
Robinson, John
Robinson, Margee
Robinson, Nell Bryant
Robinson, Reginald L.
Robison, Rev. James
Roche Family
Roddy, Robert R. "Rod Roddy"
Rogers, Annabelle D.
Rogers, Carrie
Rogers, Deborah
Rogers, Elvira
Rogers, Jesse Evans
Rogers, Will
Rolla, Lenora
Roloff, Lester
Rominger, Lucy
Rone, C. Y.
Rone, Mildred
Roodhouse, Charles
Roosevelt, Elliot
Roosevelt, Theodore
Roper, Richard (Attorney)
Rose, Billy
Rose, Mr. & Mrs. Byron
Rose, Deedie Potter
Rosen Family
Rosen, Sam
Rosenberg, David
Rosenfeld Family
Rosenthal, E. M.
Rosenthal, Rosalyn
Rosenthal, Rozanne & Billy
Ross, Emma Rebecca
Rouer, Isaac
Rouer, Rhinehart
Rowan, Arch
Rowand, Mary Louise
Rowland, William
Rowley, Mrs. C. E.
Royal, Julia
Royer, Ernest 
Rubin, Ben
Rubin, Benard J.
Rumph, David
Runyon, Damon
Runyon, William Francis
Rush, Charles
Rushing, Josephine N.
Russell, Jerry
Russell, Robert A.
Russell, Rusty
Rutherford, Johnny
Rutledge Family
Ryan, Joan Kelly
Ryan, John
Ryan, John Paul
Ryan, Josephine H.
Ryan, Lisa
Ryan, Meagan
Ryan, T. M.
Ryffel, James
Ryno, Mary
Ryon, Fred
Sachse Family
Sadler Family
Saladana, Esther
Saleh, Raymond
Samuels, Nancy
Samuels, Sidney L. (Attorney)
Sandegard, Alexander
Sanders, Frederick
Sanders, Hardy
Sanders, Norma
Sandoval, Elena
Sandstrom, Paul B.
Sanford, C. A.
Sanguinet, Marshall (Architect)
Sankary, Sol
Sansom, Marion
Satanta, Chief (Kiowa)
Saunders, Bacon
Saunders Family
Saunders, George W.
Saunders, Miriam
Saunders, T. B.
Saunders, Tom B. III
Sawyer, Robert
Saxe, Dr. Allan
Saxon, Gerald
Scalia, Judge Antonin
Scaling, Samuel
Schattman, Judge Michael (Attorney)
Scheuber, Jennie Scott
Schieffer, Bob
Schiemann Family
Schmalzried Family
Schmidt Family
Schmidt, Wattam Leopold
Schmitt, Joe
Scoble, Captain
Scott, Ann
Scott, James J.
Scott, Winfield
Scudiero, Joseph S. (Architect)
Sealey, Charles
Sellors, Evaline
Sells, Cato
Sessions, Ruby
Sewell, Kathylan
Seymour, Karen Patton (Attorney)
Shannon, Carol
Shannon Family
Shannon, Gladys
Shannon, Joe, Jr.
Shaw, Andrew
Shaw, William Thomas
Shelton Family
Shelton, Milton
Shepelwich, Josephine
Sherer, Dr. C.R.
Sheridan, Dayton
Shields Family
Shields, Thomas
Short, Luke
Shrake, Edwin "Bud" (Journalist)
Sills, Billy
Silvestri, Michela
Simeus, Dumarsais
Simons, Cal Yates
Sistrunk, Margaret
Skipper, Michael
Slaughter Family
Smestad, Betty Gette Cline
Smith, Aaron
Smith, Bennett L.
Smith Family
Smith, John Peter
Smith, Lawson
Smith, Liz
Smith, Sidney
Smoot, Jean
Snakard, Robert (Attorney)
Snider, Joel
Snyder, Carolyn
Sollenberg, Alene
Solomon, Ricky
Sommerville, Befel W. F.
Sommerville Family
Sommerville, W. M. F.
Sone, Dr. Law
Souders, Randy (Artist)
Spaniolo, James D.
Sparger, Clarence
Sparto, Mary
Spencer, Gregory
Spille Family
Spoonts Family
St. John, Eugene
St. John, John
St. John, Mary
Staats, Carl G. (Architect)
Stafford, Ralph
Stamps, Charles
Standifer Family
Standifer, Joe
Standifer, Lela
Stangel, Wenzel L.
Stanley, Frank B.
Stark, Albert R.
Stateham Family
Staub, John (Architect)
Staude, Katherine Bowlin
Steel Family
Steel, Lawrence
Steenbergen, Jimmy
Stephens, Uel
Sterley Family
Stevens, John
Stevens, O. D.
Stevens, Paul
Stevenson, Ruth Carter
Stewart, Dr. I. M.
Stewart, Reed
Stewart Family
Stiles, Dudley (Architect)
Stiles, William Jr.
Stockard, Ocie
Stone, Col. James L.
Stone, J.
Stovall, Dona
Stovall, R. M. "Sharkey"
Stovall, S. J.
Street, Judge John G.
Stricklin, Al
Stripling Family
Strittmatter, Ursula
Stroder, Ben
Strother, Lester James
Stroud, William Allen (Bill)
Stryker, John A.
Stufflebeam Family
Sturns, Judge Louis
Sturns, Vernell
Swartz Family
Swasey Family
Swayne, Judge and Mrs. James W. (Amanda Henry Swayne)
Swayne, John F.
Swearingen Family
Tadlock, J. A.
Taft, Eleanor
Taft, Harold
Taggart, Irving
Tahmahkera, Monroe
Tahmahkera, Pat
Tandy, Charles David
Tandy Family
Tannahill Family
Tanner, Joseph Warren
Tarrant, General Edward H.
Tate, Bill
Tate, John R.
Tate, R. Steven
Tate, Robert & Ellen Hall
Tauenbaum, Karlotta (Katja)
Taylor (The Carter Taylor Library)
Taylor, Annette Bockstein
Taylor, Betty Nunn
Taylor Family
Taylor Family (James O.)
Taylor, J. T.
Taylor, James T.
Taylor, Richard H.  
Taylor, Ruthie Mae
Taylor, Thelma Weddle Allen
Taylor, Tommy
Taylor, Virginia Ann Harris
Taylor, General Zachary
Teague, Estelle
Teague, Olin
Team, Charlie
Tegethoff, Charles F.
Tekstar, Marjorie Daniel
Tennison, Harry Lee
Terrell, Blanche
Terrell, Charles Vernon
Terrell, Edward
Terrell, George Whitfield
Terrell Family (Edward)
Terrell, I. M.
Terrell, Joseph C.
Terrill, Estill
Terry, I. C.
Terry, Nathaniel
Thannisch, Dale
Thannisch Family
Thaxton, Annie Jo
Thayer, Robin
Thibodeax, Nelson
Thiel, Rebecca
Thomas, Andrew
Tomas, Joy M. (Attorney)
Thomas, Don (Trumpet player)
Thomas, Judge Mike
Thomas, Wiley G.
Thompson, Beverley V.
Thompson, Bob
Thompson, Camilla Beall
Thompson Family
Thompson Family (Thomas Jefferson)
Thompson, Frank Lewis
Thompson, Fred D.
Thompson, Garfield
Thompson, George
Thompson, Guy
Thompson, Hank
Thompson, John Dallas
Thompson, Kathleen Simon
Thompson, Robert Harvey
Thompson, Victor Guy
Thompson, Wayne
Thornton, C. Victor
Thornton, Joe
Thornton, Winston Lloyd
Thorpe, Jim
Throop, Fannie Lou
Thurmond, Rebecca
Tidwell, Robert
Tillar, Benjamin
Tillar Family
Tillar, Geneivieve
Tillar, J. Garland
Tillar, Joshua Thomas Westbrook
Tillotson, Jewell Cox
Tindall Family
Tinsley Family
Tinsley Family (William & Lucy)
Todd Family
Tolbert, Judge Bill
Tolbert, Kathleen
Tomayko, Ben Ann
Tomlinson, Susan
Tompkins, Homer
Tonetti, Mary
Topletz, Rebecca
Torian, Jack
Torrey, Thomas Stebbins
Trammell, Billy Add
Travis, Robert S. (Attorney)
Travis, Mrs. S. E.
Travis, Selma Hightower
Tribble, Nannette
Trigg Family
Trimble, Green B.
Trimble Family
Trimble, William M., M.D.
Trimm, Rhonda A. Blackwell
Tripplehorn, Kent Oliver
Tripplehorn, Paul Kelly Jr.
Troop, Carl A.
Truelson, Julius
Truett, Mary Rumelle
Truitt, Georgia Mae
Tucker Family
Tucker, William B.
Tuggey, Matt
Turner, Charles
Turner, Loyd L.
Turner, Mary Catherine
Turner, Mrs.
Turner, Ollie
Turner, William
Uberman, Sid Dale
Umbenhour, Ulysses J.
Underwood, Frances Pearl
Upchurch, May
Uselton Family
Utt, Rita Rodriguez (Attorney)
Utter, Betty Bynum
Utti, Ramona
Vacca, Joseph
Vahrenkamp, Will
Valderas, Harold L.
Valdez, Judge Manuel
Valderas, Judge Harold
Valentine Family
Vanlandingham, Gerald
Van Laningham, Norman W.
Van Name, Sally
Van Zandt Family
Van Zandt, K. M. (Mrs.)
Van Zant, Ruth
Vance, B. W.
Vance, Estil (Attorney)
Vance, Estill
Vance, James E.
Vandergriff Family
Vandervoort, Henry
Vann, John Rush
Vanravenswaay, Marti
Vaughn, J. W.
Venth, Dean Carl
Ventioner, Isaac
Venus, Jewel Kindred
Vickery, Charles Richard
Voich, Michael R. (Architect)
Von Zuben, Mrs. F.J.
Vowell, Jim Dent (Architect)
Waddell, Earl R. Jr.
Waddell, Earl Raymond
Wages, Charles W.
Waggoner Family
Wagner, Keith, Ann
Waldron, A. B. Jr.
Waldrop, W. Earl (Dr.)
Walker, A. G.
Walker, Erline Henry
Walker, Granville Thomas
Walker, Herbert Glen Jr.
Walker, Judge Jeff
Walker, Joe
Walker, Kizzie
Walker, Margaret Aileen Little
Walker, Maude
Walker, W. F.
Walker, W. Glen
Wall, Drew
Wall Family
Wall, Mrs. W. E.
Wall, Z. T.
Wallace, Bonny Jo
Wallace, Camille Shield
Wallace, Clyde
Wallace, Frank
Wallace, Helen
Wallace, James Hastings
Wallace, John Wright
Wallace, Karl Edward Jr.
Wallace, Paul V. Jr.
Wallace, Sir William
Wallenburg, Venice Luse
Wallenda, Karl and Jenny ("Circus: "The Great Walendas")
Wallendass, Gordon
Waller, Joseph E.
Walls, Larry
Walrath, Williams
Walsh Family
Walsh, John Eugene
Walters Family
Waltman, Jan Brewster
Waltman, Katharine
Waltman, William Dewitt
Walton, Alice
Walton, Maudrie Miller
Waltrip, Kenneth Merle
Wandry, Mary Steger Wilson
Want, Andrew
Waples, John Graves
Ward, Bill
Ward, Harry N.
Ward, Dr. Gerald (Superintendant of Fort Worth Schools)
Ward, John L.
Ward, Leta
Ward, Louis F.
Ward, Mary
Ward, Rowena K.
Wardlaw, Marie Wafford
Ware, Dolly
Ware, George Gause
Ware, J. M.
Ware, Wayman
Warner, Robert M.
Warren Family
Warren, Jim
Warren, Melvin C.
Warren, Wilburn Carl
Washer, Nat
Washington, Burl (Artist)
Washington, Jisabell
Wasilchak, Fran & Jill
Wassenich, Paul G.
Watkins, Cricket
Watson, Elaine
Watson, Joe
Watson, Joe E.
Watson, Kirk
Watson, Maudrie
Watson, Osro Lycurgrus
Watt, Helen
Watt, Helen W.
Watt, Peggy Pope
Watt, W. R.
Watt, W. R. "Trey"
Wattenbarger, Loy R.
Waymack, Les
Wear, Catherine Randle
Weatherford, Jefferson (State Senator)
Weatherford, Sam H.
Weaver, Edward
Weaver, Galbraith
Webb, Howell
Webb, James E.
Webber, Bobby
Webber, Woodie
Webster, Charles H.
Weddle Family
Weil, Bernice
Weiler, Naomi
Weiner, Max
Weiner, Sam
Weinman, Arthur W.
Weinman, Louis B. (Architect)
Weinstein, Sol
Weir, Camilla
Welaj, John
Welch, Aileen
Welch, Clyde
Welch, Dr. J.R.
Welch, June Rayfield
Wells, Evelyn Lucille
Wells, Judge Judith
West, Arthur Currin
West, Eunice
West, Joyce
West, Ruby
Westbrook, Nancy Grierson
Westbrook, Roy A.
Westfall, Albert Roy & Ida Louise
Westfall, Greg (Attorney)
Westfall, William Jake
Westmoreland Family
Wetmore Family
Whalen, Mr. & Mrs.
Whalen, Thomas
Whaley, Raymond
Wharton, A. B.
Whealer, Claude
Whealer Family
Wheat, Jesse
Wheat, Joseph
Wheelock, Clara
Whipp, Harry H.
Whipple, John J.
White, Arthur Lee
White, Calvin
White, Cheri
White, Edward
White Family (Joseph)
White, Jack
White, James
White, John T.
White, Joseph
White, Leon
White, Mark
Whitley, Jack Quarles
Whitley, Tommy
Whitman Family
Whitsel, Mary Lee Dixon
Whitten, Maria Lou Caro
Whittington, Enoch A.
Whyte, Edna Gardner
Wickett, Crystelle
Wickett, Kenneth L.
Widman, Ralph
Wiederhold, Tom
Wier, Loren
Wiggin, Emily
Wiggins, Mary Lipscomb
Wilborn, Andrea Lee
Wilborn, Jack Elwood Jr.
Wilborn, Jack Quarles
Wilcox, Granny
Wilemon Family
Wilemon, Latrelle
Wilemon, Louese Green
Wiles, Marie Davis
Wiley, D. Gordon
Wilkerson, Mary Elizabeth Smith
Wilkes, Benjamin
Wilkie, Donna Hartwell
Wilkinson, Beryl Wallace
Wilkinson, Bill
Wilkinson, Elna
Wilkinson Family
Willhoite, W. D.
Williams, Bennie
Williams, Byrd
Williams Family
Williams, Geralyn
Williams, J. Nelson
Williams, J. W.
Williams, Jack
Williams, Lawton
Williams, Lee
Williams, Lillie
Williams, Mack
Williams, Roger
Williams, Tom Q.
Williams, Judge W. Erskine (Attorney)
Williams, Yancy Doyle
Williamson, Florine
Williamson, Harold Rae
Willis, Dan
Willis, Doyle
Willis, Libby
Willis Family
Wills, James Robert (Bob) (see also Subject files, Music -- Texas Swing)
Wilson, J. A.
Wilson, James
Wilson, Judge Sharen
Windham, Thomas
Winston, Dorothy
Winters, Judge J.E. Dutch
Wisch, J. A.
Wise Family
Wiseman, Elaine
Witherel, Paul Edwin
Witherspoon, Guy
Witherspoon, Josephine Hemphill
Witten, Samuel Cecil Holiday
Wittenbrg, Edwin Simon
Woldt, Harriet Risk
Wood Family
Wood, Jerry (Attorney)
Wood, Terry Lee Sr.
Woodard, Harrison Eugene (Architect)
Woods, Charley
Woods, Dr. Michael Lampkin
Woodson, Judge J. O.
Woodson, Woodrow Wilson
Woodward, Thomas (Architect)
Woody, Samuel Cecil Holiday
Worcester, Dr. Donald E.
Wortham, Louis J.
Workman, Mayfield
Worrall, I. R.
Worsham, Don
Worth, General William Jenkins
Wortham Family
Wortham, Louis L.
Wray, John W. (Attorney)
Wren, Edith T.
Wright, Judge Bob
Wright, C. H.
Wright, Danny
Wright Family
Wright, Geneva
Wright, Gerald
Wright, Henry
Wright, Judge James E.
Wright, Jim
Wright, John Howard
Wright, Lorene Watts
Wright, Peggy Pittman
Wright, Ron
Wu, Stewart C.
Wyatt, John L.
Wyatt, Lennie Rosamond
Wynn, Mary
Wynne, Angus
Wynne, Dennis
Wynne, Joseph Lemuel Jr.
Yamagata, Elaine Yoko
Yamagata, Tadashi
Yancey, Betty Williamson
Yancy, Burns
Yarbrough, Minnie
Yarbrough, Paul Jr.
Yarbrough, Tom
Yates, Dorothy "Dotty"
Yates, Earl
Yates Family
Yates, Felix
Yates, J. E. M.
Yates, John
Yates, Kate E.
Yates, Lovey & Estill
Yates, Sanford
Yeager, Dennis R.
Yeargains & Stephens Family
Yeary, Clyde W.
Yelvingston, C. W. "Click"
Yordanoff Family
York, Sheriff John B.
Young, Judge Bruce
Young, Charles
Young, Charles Hutchinson
Young, Ella Holt
Young, Frances
Young, James B.
Young, J. Frank
Young, Lewis D.
Young, Marshall Roberts Jr.
Young, William C "Brigham"
Young, William Kelly
Youngblood, Elizabeth
Youngblood, Jeremiah
Youngblood, John Henry
Younkin, George C.
Yund, Lester
Zachary Family
Zachary, Lola Bell
Zachry, Tom (Attorney)
Zane-Cetti Family
Zapata, Louis
Zartman, Charles Wesley
Zeig, Abbie Tubb
Zeitlin, Jacob
Zellers, Clyde E.
Zeloski, Rank
Zepeda Family
Ziegler, Mark
Ziegler, Samuel Peters (Artist)
Zimmerman, Nancy Heyl
Zinsser Family
Zuhlke, A.

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