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    Coronavirus Facts  

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    Coronavirus Hotline: 817-248-6299


    Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions


    Now called "COVID-19"

    The World Health Organization has given a new name to the coronavirus: COVID-19. COVI is short for coronavirus and D is for disease, with 19 for the year (2019) it developed.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a health alert regarding an outbreak of a novel (new) Coronavirus in Wuhan City, China that began in December 2019. The cases have now spread to several parts of China. The first U.S. case was confirmed by the CDC in Seattle and a second one has been confirmed in Chicago. There are several suspected cases under investigation in several states in the US.

    An English version of a Health Alert information card is now being provided by the CDC to travelers from Wuhan, China. A flier with the same information is also available.

    Tarrant County Public Health’s Emergency Preparedness staff is working closely with the CDC and Texas Department of State Health Services to get the latest updates on this evolving situation. We are also updating our response plans as needed and have sent health alerts to the Tarrant County medical community and other partners.

    TCPH is working with local hospitals on an ongoing basis to advise if patients meet CDC recommendations for testing.  If we receive a confirmation of a case of novel coronavirus, further communication will be provided to the public and media.


    The Coronavirus causes a respiratory illness with fever and cough, may lead to severe pneumonia and is similar to the SARS and MERS Coronaviruses. The SARS outbreak of 2003 sickened over 8,000 and about 800 people died.

    Confirmed cases of the 2019 novel Coronavirus are now reported from six countries in addition to China.

    Coronaviruses are part of a large family of viruses, which can sometimes cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

    Symptoms are similar to the flu and include runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever and a general feeling of being unwell. This is more common in people with cardiopulmonary disease, people with weakened immune systems.

    parts of a coronavirus

    The CDC has also added DFW airport to the traveler screening program for incoming travelers from China. DFW is among 11 such airport locations across the U.S.


    County Telephone Operator 817-884-1111

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