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    PrEP, Pre-exposure Profhylaxis

    PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

    PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for HIV is a risk reduction strategy that includes safer sex practices combined with a daily pill called Truvada

    PrEP can decrease the risk of HIV transmission by 92 - 99 percent, if taken correctly.  Men who have sex with men, partners of HIV positive individuals, IV drug users, commercial sex workers and high risk heterosexuals are ideal candidates for PrEP.

    Truvada is covered by most insurances. We have several Prescription Assistance Programs to ensure that patients pay little, if anything, out of pocket for the medication.

    Patients with insurance must bring a photo ID and insurance card.  Patients who do not have insurance must bring a photo ID, proof of income* and proof of residence.**

    Patients must be seen every three months for testing.  Interested patients can call either clinic for an appointment

    Truvada medicine bottle

    About PrEP

    Printable handout (English)  (Spanish)

    What is PrEP?

    • HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, does NOT protect against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
    • Daily HIV medication to prevent infection if exposed
    • 99 percent effective if taken correctly AND used with condoms



    Gilead pill, glass of water

    Before starting PrEP

    • Complete hepatitis B vaccine series
    • Hepatitis panel negative for active disease
    • HIV negative
    • Normal liver/kidney function

    Ready for PrEP?

    • Quarterly STI screenings
    • Quarterly liver/kidney function testing
    • Once daily medication
    • Monthly visits to pharmacy or clinic for medication

    PrEP medication details

    • Truvada- only drug FDA approved for PrEP
    • No generic available
    • Numerous prescription assistance plans from Gilead and charitable foundations
    • Nephrotoxic/hepatotoxic in those who are already compromised

    Who needs PrEP?

    • Men who have sex with men
    • HIV negative partner of serodiscordant couple
    • IV drug users
    • High risk heterosexuals
    • Commercial sex workers



    *Proof of income: last two pay stubs, notarized supporter statement, award letter, W2, tax return, etc.
    **Proof of residence: lease, utility bill (water, sewer, electric), checking account statement.