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    Crime Victims’ Rights Week

    What:        Fourteenth Annual Recognition of Crime Victims’ Rights Week

    When:        3 p.m., TODAY, April 6

    Where:      The Women’s Center, Fort Worth
                     1723 Hemphill, Fort Worth, 76110

    Who:          Bill E. Waybourn, Sheriff
                     Terry Woods, Victim’s Voice
                      Lori Clarida, LMSW, Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services
                      Gabrielle Tahmahkera, Singer


    This is the 14th year that the Tarrant County Coalition of Crime Victim Services has held a ceremony to recognize Tarrant County crime victims.  The Coalition was formed in 1987 by service providers and law enforcement agencies who were concerned with crime victims and their families.  

    This year’s theme – Strength.  Resilience.  Justice. – reflects this vision of the future.  One in which all victims are strengthened by the response they receive, organizations are resilient to face challenges, and communities are able to seek collective justice and healing.  The theme highlights the need for multiple avenues of victim support.  It also acknowledges two truths: that justice reaches outside the courtroom, and that the strength and resilience of our communities depend on confidence in our justice system.

    Guest speaker Terry Woods is a survivor of an impaired driving crash that occurred during July 4th weekend in 2010.  She will share her story of recovery but also of how important victim advocacy was to her.

    For more information contact Lori Clarida, Victim Assistance Coordinator, Tarrant County Sheriff's Office at 817-884-3697.


    News release date: April 06, 2017