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    New Agency Alert for Expunctions

    When filing a Petition for Expunction, the quantity of agencies to be served has increased. Please make sure when filing that you account for re:SearchTX as one of your service agencies. This is a new agency that will need to be served a copy of the Petition and Order to expunge if granted.  We have provided a link to re:SearchTX and the mailing address that a filer will need to include in their Petition for Expunction.

    If you have any questions regarding this additional agency, please contact the District Clerk Felony/Civil section at 817-884-1231

    Office of Court Administration 205 West 14th Street, Suite 600 Austin, Texas 78701




    1. What types of cases are handled in the District Clerk Felony/Civil section?

    The following civil cases related to criminal matters are handled in the Felony/Civil section.

    Felony Bond Forfeitures

    Felony and Misdemeanor Expunctions

    Felony Non-Disclosures

    Felony Occupational Drivers Licenses

    Felony Seizures

    Felony Civil Commitment/Sexual Predators


    2. What are the filing fees for Felony/Civil cases?

    See Filing Fees


    3. Are Felony/Civil cases E-Filed?

    Yes, for additional information on Felony/Civil E-Filing click on the E-Filing link below



    For additional Felony/Civil information please contact:

    Bond Forfeiture 817-884-2514
    Expunctions 817-884-1231
    Non-Disclosures 817-884-2508
    Occupational Driver's License
    Seizures 817-884-1156
    Civil Commitment/Sexual Predator 817-884-1156


    Tim Curry Building