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    Attention Legal Professionals:

    Please see Mary Louise Garcia's Newsletter Regarding Electronic Case Filing.

    E-Filing Newsletter





    Civil Division - County Court at Law Clerks


    Room 250
    Tarrant County Old Courthouse
    100 West Weatherford Street
    Fort Worth, Texas  76196


    For information on how to obtain a copy of County Court at Law documents, please call 817-884-1069.  Once you have the information regarding your copies, CLICK HERE to pay for copies online.  Select County Court at Law from the COPY TYPE dropdown, then select the Type of Documents (certified or non-certified), enter the Case Number, and Number of Pages.  Once payment is processed, contact 817-884-1069 to complete order.


    For information regarding filing a County Courts at Law document, please call:
    817-884-1101 or check the following documents for guidance:


    Notice to Attorneys Regarding Civil Public Access

    Notice of Designation of Electronic Record (Civil)

    Notice of Copy Fee (Change in Procedures)

    Notice of Order (Copies)

        Notice to Attorneys Regarding Signed Orders

    New Filings Case Types Guide

    Subsequent Filings Case Types Guide


    County Courts at Law Fee Schedule September 1, 2017


    Texas Supreme Court Order

    Notice of Technology Standards

    Sensitive Information Notice




    Civil Court Public Browse

    Local Rules of Court Tarrant County, Texas:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Approval of Local Rules of Tarrant County, Texas



    Criteria for Filing Occupational Driver's License:


    To file an application for an OCCUPATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE you will need the following items:


    1. Petition

    2. Affidavit

    3. SR-22 Insurance (Required by the State of Texas)

    4. Proposed Order with Conditions

    5. Submit a file-marked copy of the Petition to the D.A.'s Office by faxing it to 817-884-1038.  (This initiates the review of the driving record for the court.)


    D.A.'s office is located at: Family Law Center
    District Attorney
    200 E. Weatherford St.
    3rd Floor, Room #3040
    Fort Worth, Texas  76196


    6.  Civil Case Information Sheet


    If All of the above have been submitted, the Order will be signed or a scheduled hearing will be set. Your application will be INCOMPLETE and delayed if any of the above items 1 through 5 are not filed.


    County Court at Law #2 Occupational License Procedures

    County Court at Law #3 Occupational License Procedures



    Conditions for Occupational Driver's License in the County Courts at Law

    Procedures for Occupational Driver's License in County Courts at Law

    Appellate Procedures and Guidelines for ALR (Administrative License Revocation) Appeals




    Statewide Civil Case Information Sheet

    Effective September 1, 2010


    Statewide Information Sheet

    Statewide Information Sheet Instructions



    Supplemental Instructions for Self-Represented (Pro Se) Litigants Civil Case Information Sheet

    is required to be
    filed with all new cases.


    Supreme Court Ruling



    Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of the source documents, the documents on this page were created from scanned images. If you require assistance in accessing the information, please contact Christie Reyenga at 817-884-2198.